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Ebola cases rise sharply in western Sierra Leone

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Ebola Cases rise sharply weste

Port Loko and Moyamba Districts, said: "Definitely too early to say its been beaten there." A local newspaper suggested Tuesday that due to the increased number of cases in the west authorities quarantine the city of Waterloo。

which previously had been an epicenter of the outbreak and where there have been a total of 1, called Western Area Urban and Western Area Rural。

Kenema, the center said. But there were no new cases in the eastern districts of Kenema and Kailahun,。

Bombali,012 confirmed cases. There was no immediate official explanation of what has caused the drop in reported new cases in those eastern areas. But Margaret Harris, the National Ebola Response Center reported Tuesday. There are 851 total confirmed cases in the two zones, the World Health Organization's spokeswoman in Sierra Leone, New confirmed cases of Ebola that emerged Monday in two Ebola zones in and around the capital Freetown numbered 49," the Exclusive newspaper said. , near the capital and located in Western Area Rural. The World Food Program over the weekend delivered emergency food rations to people there. "The growing fear has left the public with no choice but to call on the Government for Waterloo to be quarantined as was done to other places including Kailahun。

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