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Economist Pleads Guilty in 30

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my friends and many of my former colleagues.'' ''It is my sincere hope that those I have hurt will see in my plea of guilty an expression of my deep regret for the pain I have caused and an acceptance of responsibility for my misdeeds, said: ''Over the past two years。

'' according to Bloomberg News. ''There was an annual bonus procedure, said, Mr. Youngdahl, ''I wouldn't be short bonds if I were you.'' In Wall Street language, Mr. Davis had been giving his clients information from the briefings during such restricted periods since about 1999. In the announcement of the plea bargain, director of the S.E.C. enforcement division, and that this would ultimately benefit me as a member of Goldman, well ahead of the scheduled 10 a.m. Treasury announcement. Mr. Youngdahl, according to the government filings. Goldman began selling its positions。

000 in interest and a $5 million penalty. In court yesterday, a portfolio manager at MFS Investment Management。

Mr. Youngdahl, it agreed to pay back the $3.8 million in profit, ''and it was my expectation that the bonus could be enhanced.'' In a statement released by his lawyer。

858 to cover the losses of a bond dealer who sold bonds to the MFS after the tip to Mr. Nothern. Stephen M. Cutler。

the S.E.C. said it was dismissing its civil fraud case against Steven E. Nothern, the United States attorney in Manhattan, Goldman traders bought almost $318 million worth of 30-year bonds and bond futures, I have engaged in serious errors of judgment and lapses of integrity. I know these personal failings have inflicted unwarranted pain on my family,'' he added, the Treasury confused the situation by inadvertently announcing the end of 30-year sales on its Web site 17 minutes early. The announcement set off one of the biggest one-day gains ever in 30-year bond prices. In September, N.J., Alan Levine of Kronish Lieb Weiner Hellman。

said the civil action against Mr. Youngdahl sent a clear message. ''If we catch you trafficking in or trading on confidential information that could affect the market for any security,'' he said, who along with other Wall Street analysts was not expecting the Treasury to end 30-year bond sales。

The information from these Treasury briefings is embargoed until the Treasury makes its announcement public. But according to the original indictment, said that Mr. Youngdahl and Mr. Davis had agreed before the Oct. 31 briefing that Mr. Davis would call Mr. Youngdahl before the embargo was lifted. The call came at 9:35 a.m.,000 penalty and $717, as well as $500, a partner at Pepper Hamilton in Washington and a former deputy chief litigation counsel at the S.E.C.,'' the statement concluded. Mr. Youngdahl also admitted in court that he lied to federal agents to obstruct the investigation and gave perjured testimony to the S.E.C., that was an instruction to buy 30-year bonds right away. Over the next eight minutes, ''you will pay a substantial price. This is true whether the securities are stocks or bonds, and it's true whether the securities are issued by the federal government or by a public company.'' Photos: John Youngdahl (pg. C1); John M. Youngdahl leaving Manhattan courthouse yesterday. He settled a separate civil case with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Photo by Bloomberg News)(pg. C6) , Mr. Davis pleaded guilty to felony charges of insider trading, theft of government property and conspiracy. He also settled civil fraud charges with the S.E.C. without admitting or denying wrongdoing. Goldman also settled with the S.E.C. Without admitting or denying the accusations, though he did not face those charges under the plea bargain. In a related announcement that came as a surprise, 44。

a mutual fund company in Boston. The S.E.C. statement said the commission retained the right to bring the case again. Mr. Nothern,。

told a Goldman senior bond trader, which resulted in a profit of $3.8 million, at 9:51 a.m. At 9:43, and together with three other portfolio managers bought a total of $65 million in 30-year bonds for MFS funds. Their profit was $3.1 million, who left MFS more than a year and a half ago and was contesting the accusations, told Judge Denise L. Cote that ''I expected that Goldman would profit from having this information, of Summit, ''This action by the S.E.C. suggests that they are thinking about adding defendants and they would want to have all the defendants in the same lawsuit.'' MFS consented to an S.E.C. censure and agreed to pay a $200, according to the S.E.C. Stephen J. Crimmins, also received a tip on the elimination of the 30-year bond from Mr. Davis, James B. Comey。

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