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Holy sh*t, TJ Reid hit the sliotar how hard at Croke Park yesterday?

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Willie O'Dwyer came out on top with a shot of 159kph. You can check out that full list here but as it stands, The Kilkenny man had one shot on goal yesterday that went at 112mph. We all know that hurling is the fastest field sport in the world and we regularly hear about the sliotar travelling at speeds in or around 100mph. Now, can someone get a speed clock to Anthony Nash's house... ,。

2014 To put that in perspective Limerick's hardest effort was via Shane Dowling, Croke Park tested quite a few inter-county players and another Kilkenny man。

who ONLY clocked 164.5kph. Add in the appaling conditions at HQ yesterday and Reid's effort is even more incredible. A few years back, we know exactly how hard the sliotar travels after games and Kilkenny's TJ Reid had one effort at a rain-soaked Croke Park that was pretty special indeed. TJ Reid struck a ball at 181.1kmph in yesterday's All-Ire semi-final win. Take a closer look at our match stats. #GAA pic.twitter.com/PCPt8HOKn5 — Liberty Insurance (@LibertyIRL) August 11, TJ Reid has the hardest shot in the GAA. Now。

thanks to the good folks at Liberty Insurance who have been monitoring these things。

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