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Photo of RAF Laarbruch

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Photo Laarbruch

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jonince on September 26, 2007

I used to go to school in Laarbruch in the late 1960's early 70's. This particular picture i recognised immediately as the Golfing clubhouse for RAF Laarbruch. My father used to play here nearly every day and it is exactly as i remember it.

cheers Jon Ince

Dennis te Pas on September 26, 2007

Its nice to hear from people that have lived here! Soon i'll will post some more pictures of Laarbruch.

sclodge on December 29, 2007

Hi I was in the RAF and stationed at Laarbruck in 1955 when Laar. was a new airfield for Canbera bombers. I recognise this building as the Sick Quarters for the airfield. It was brand new then, it looks some what worn down now though

niabbles on July 14, 2008

Is this the base close to Goch? If it is, I was 1 of 33 Americans attending the base school in 1963.We lived in Goch and rode a bus to school. This was the closest English speaking school.What an experience!

ianindevon on July 18, 2008

Is this the old medical centre? as it looks like the place where I used to work 93-96.

Les Moore on March 9, 2009

Hi I was stationed at Laarbruch in the MT section from 1957-60. I also recognise this as being sick Quarters, as on several occasions whilst doing a duty driver stint, I had to do the last minute emergency dash to Wegberg, driving a black Opel saloon, with a lady about to give birth in the back, and it always happened in the small hours of the morning. One of the less fortunate DDs did not make it, and had to assist the widwife en-route to deliver the baby. Happy days.

sclodge on April 5, 2009

Hi Mooreorles, I wonder if our pathes crossed because I was an mt driver from 1955-57. I left larr roughley Sept. 57 If I remember Flt Lt Townley was MTO, ring any bells? I was also sick quarters driver. Good old days hey- Crash ambulance on night flying etc and the opel for the baby run to Wegberg,WOW. Thanks for photos, they certainly brought back memories. Regards Splodge.

sclodge on April 5, 2009

Hi Nibbles. Yes you are right, the airfield is near Goch. You were there after I left. There was only a small Dutch Squadron besides the British when I was there-no Americans. I hope you had a great time while you were there. Recards sclodge

KarynD on May 3, 2009

Wow..i want to see more..i was born at RAF Wegberg, Febuary 1974..my dad worked at Laarbruch and we lived in Kustrasse, Weeze..this is a blast from the past, spent my happiest days in Germany!

Les Moore on May 25, 2009

Hi Sclodge, the chances are that we were there at the same time, because I arrived there late 1957, and the MTO was Flt Lt Townley, an older guy. I remember he had a good sense of humour. I had not been out there long before I blotted my copybook. I was detailed to collect some aircrew from Bruggen in the evening, and had been going out with the lads, so was in a tearing hurry to get the job done. En route I passed a black Opel at some speed, and noticed the flag on the bonnet too late. It was Groupie Wyn or was it Winn. His driver jock, was told to catch me but, I lost him on the twisty bits, the Opel Capitan never did corner well. Needless to say I was on a fizzer the next day. Townley said that if I wanted to commit suicide, then I could jump off one of the H blocks, but I could not do it in one of his vehicles. Do you remember, Chalkey White or Tex Wintle, they must have been there during your time, even if I we missed each other. I have found a few more pics which I will upload shortly. All the best mooreorles

repat2blighty on August 5, 2009

Hi all, I was Stationed at "Laarparts" from Nov 87 til jan 92 as a Mission Planner when I took discharge and stayed in Germany moving to Geldern just up the Road. Have tons of fond memmories of Weeze, Goch and Kevelear plus hundreds of Photos of Before and after closure, spanning 1988 to 2004. I often used to Fly from "Flughafen Niederrhein Weeze" as it was named after the station closed in 1999. I'm now back in the UK and am trying to trace some of the Lads and Lasses stationed there from 1988 to 1992 in Particular Sargeant Paul "Porky" Conyers who used to be with 2 Sqn (Reconn) Jaguars. I know he returned in the early 90's to UK with wife Sue and Daughter I then lost contact. He used to be a Gliding instructor at Laarbruch and may have even carried on instructing when he became a Civvy. Can anyone throw any light on his possible whereabouts today?. Just for all to view I'm going to start loading my catalogue of Photo's up shortly. Regards to all "Laarparts" ex- Personnel and Families.

Freyajane on October 23, 2009

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