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Lombard Odier in 2.7m legal row with ex

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with Legal Lombard Odier 2.7m

had become concerned by the way co-manager and chief investment officer Martin Fisch was running his segment.   In the ‘hundreds of pages of witness statements’ seen by the paper, who managed an energy a portion of the fund。

Swiss bank Lombard Odier is embroiled in a legal row with one of its former hedge fund managers, which delivered a positive performance of +2.6% net of all fees from December 2009 to December 2013.’ The fund has since been liquidated.    , insists it did everything by the book. A spokesperson told The Times: ‘Investors were informed about the performance of the fund on a monthly basis, Pullumbi has said to have described Fisch to be a ‘disaster’ for investors. Pellumbi claims when he brought up the issue he was marginalised by the company and eventually shown the door. His written claim described this as ‘malpractice’. Lombard Odier accuses Pellumbi of an ‘unashamed manipulation of the truth’, LO AOG Energy. The Times said Pellumbi,000 base salary. He is said to be looking for £2.7 million in compensation in relation to the management of a $500 million hedge fund, according to The Times. Documents seen by the paper show Elvis Pellumbi worked in the Swiss bank’s Mayfair office and was paid a £312, through very detailed and transparent newsletters.’ ‘Over the entire life of the fund, investors have actually not lost money in the fund,。

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