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Decut Boscut Arrow Cutter

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Arrow Decut Boscut Cutter

  • Great value Review by dean


    This is a great easy to use product, there are not any instructions with it but you really don't need any, I cant see why you would spend more, I don't know what else you would need, I have used it on full carbon arrows and some composite aluminium and carbon arrows, and it cuts perfectly and perfectly square, I would encourage anyone to give it ago. (Posted on 15/08/2014)

  • Fantastic Arrow Saw Review by Camilo


    I bought this one after trying to by the equivalent Easton Arrow Saw for a much higher price. I was reluctant at first. But that soon changed as I opened the box. The finish is strong and sturdy. The measuring ruler point is adjustable and makes your arrow cutting precise to the tenth of an inch! I would recomend you cut your arrows without the nock but that is a matter of preference. The blade leaves a perfectly squared cut and I cannot tell the difference between then ones i have cut and the ones doen by my pro shop with the easton profesional arrow saw! My only problem is the it does not come with instructions but after monkeying around with it and using collateral thinking it is a piece of cake. Dont look any furhter! Just buy it! (Posted on 15/09/2012)

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