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News: Trackmania v1.1 Patch

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News: Trackmania v1.1 Patch

Trackmania v1.1 Patch

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19:38 Dec 12th, 2003 - 10,712 Views

Nadeo has released the first patch for Trackmania, bringing this recent racing/track building game to v1.1. This release makes several gameplay improvements, optimizes network/multiplayer games, adds some new features, fixes several bugs, and more (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:

  • Trackmania v1.1 Patch (12.7 MB)
  • TrackMania Update 1.1 Notes List of corrections/new features: Main corrections: - the special copper bonuses(series and campaign) are now correctly allocated. Older profiles benefit from an automatic copper update) - the wheel/joypad does not get blocked anymore in network games with bad ping - better synchronisation during connection to a network game Main new features: - general improvements of the replay studio: see the file "replay editing - documentation.txt" - the choice of challenges for a multiplayer game now respects the click order rather than the alphabetical order - in multiplayer network/rounds, a player who joins can now start to play immediatly - in multiplayer network/time attack, the winning rule has been simplified: the player with the best time wins. - in multiplayer network/team mode, it is now possible to see the players in the different teams in the "change team" menu - new functionality: "online news"... - Key auto repeat feature for the cursor (hold arrow keys or move button) Other corrections/new features: Launcher: - the launcher is not launched automatically anymore when the cd is inserted during the protection check - the configuration preset "best performance" has been optimized - advanced thumbnail "Audio": possibility to limit the max number of sounds played simultaneously - advanced thumbnail "Display": option to force cpu/gpu synchro (avoids display lags), recommanded settings if you experiment display lags: "immediate". - new advanced thumbnail "Game": some advanced game display settings (display smoke, level of detail of opponents, projectors on/off...). Also a new option (activated by default) to hide opponents when they are too close to the player's car - new advanced thumbnail: "Inputs" allows to define the sensivity and the "deadzone" of an analog controller. Profile: - the special copper bonuses are not erroneously allocated anymore after changing the current profile - If a new profile is created and the associated score file already exists, the score file is overwritten and replaced with an empty score file. - When a new profile is created, random skins are chosen for the cars. Menus: - If a challenge can not be loaded in the editor because of missing blocks, a dialog box now indicates the missing blocks and their amount - you can now buy ten blocs at once in the catalog by holding "Alt" while clicking. - No more strange caracters in the flattened list of online players - If the login/password/key is erroneous during the online connexion, the registration box is displayed again the next time the game is launched - The time fields can now hold a value greater than 1:00:00 - The number of allowed characters for the skin names is now limited Editor: - The F1 shorcut has been re-activated - the thumbnails are now framed when focused - icons and thumbnails are now framed when selected - in the track editor, the car's spawning direction is now related to the camera's direction - the cursor's height is now correctly re-aligned with big blocks - the helpers are now hidden by default in pure races - It is now possible to add more than one example of the eighth block allocated for a puzzle - helper problem with the left air looping solved Race: - the time offset between a player and a ghost is now displayed at every checkpoint - the chat remains opened/closed when the track changes - a key allows to hide/show the ghost - multiplayer local mode: a challenge can be validated during a game (allows to reload it directly) - multiplayer local mode: the best ghost does not remain from one game to the next anymore - multiplayer local mode: you can now play with up to 8 players instead of 4 - multiplayer modes : player names are truncated if they are too long - multiplayer network time attack mode: the remaining time countdown is now always displayed Replays: - no more crashes when multiple replays are selected, among which some validate and others don't - dialog box asking for confirmation before overwritting an existing replay - bench replay : generates a bench***.tx file in the bench folder which contains informations about display performances. - fix of problems that could make validation fail on valid replays - the save dialog now starts with the good replay name Display: - the ghost does not have a random color on certain machines - In the Rally environement, cars now stop when they fall in the water - aerial skidmarks problem fixed Sound: - the sound does not bug anymore during the loading of a level on some sound cards. - better sound quality for the ghost - automatic limitation of the number of sounds playerd on sound cards without hardware acceleration Controls: - no more direction bugs when multiple joysticks are plugged - the wheel is now taken into account at the very beginning of the race Network: - the "ingame" dialog box does not block a network game anymore - the default number of online players in a game has been lowered to 6, to allow a better connection quality with standard network connections - a time/round limit set to 0 allows infinite play time on a track - in time attack, the respawn key now resets the player if he didn't go through a checkpoint(automatically sets the timer to 0) - the unique identifier of a player is now displayed near their nicknames in the "kick" and "buddies" dialog boxes - No more "dummy" names in the player list when switching from team mode to rounds mode - solved a bug if the user entered an empty password Data: - G3 puzzle corrected - Alpine Turbo Middle block : collision problem solved - Alpine Canyon Cross block : display problem solved - Alpine Finish block : pylons added - Speed Road to Tilted block: removed a hole - Speed Bi Slope block : pylons removed - Speed Tilt TShape Air/Ground block : collision problem solved - Rally Start Low block is now available in the editor - Rally Road Low block : flying trees lowered to the ground - Rally Pont Levis block : shadow projector added - Rally Castle Bridge Air block : vertex lineup problem solved - Rally Road Low Block : shader problem in PC0 solved - Rally Start/Checkpoints/Finish Blocks : color change to reflect the standard helpers color - Rally Houses Blocks: texture problem on some houses solved

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