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MAN Diesel – TCR Turbocharger TCR – The Cutting Edge MAN Diesel has more than 60 years unprecedented experience of producing turbochargers with plain bearings and uncooled hot gas casings. What would a state-of-the-art diesel engine be without a turbocharger? With speed rates of over 70 000 rpm and circumference speeds faster than the speed of sound, the turbocharger is one of the most important engine components. As it “inhales” air into the engine, which is indispensable for combustion, it is often referred to as the engine’s lung. A modern turbocharger is able to increase the engine output...

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Features Benefits New CFD-optimised profiled rotor blades, Increased efficiency nozzle ring, inlet and outlet casing Constant and pulse pressure turbocharging Optional variable turbine geometry Excellent adaption to variable engine High performance plain bearings Minimised mechanical losses, extended service life Optimised shaft diameter Compact plain bearing concept Increased efficiency Ideal rotor dynamic behaviour New CFD-optimised compressor wheel, diffuser ring and compressor volute Increased efficiency Extended pressure ratio and specific volume flow Optional internal flow recirculation...

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MAN Diesel – TCR Turbocharger Vital components that increase engine power by more than 300%. Diffusor Plain bearings Nozzle ring Gas outlet casing Whispering silencer Compressor volute Compressor wheel Gas admission casing Turbine wheel with shaft 5

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Turbine Turbine wheel All the flown-through components of the TCR turbocharger have been flow and stress optimised by means of modern 3D-CFD and FEA calculations. Part or full load optimisation is possible by means of a variety of different rotor/nozzle ring flow area combinations. >> New CFD-optimised profiled rotor blades, nozzle rings, inlet and outlet casing for increased efficiency >> Constant and pulse pressure turbocharging >> Variable nozzle ring (optional) 6

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MAN Diesel – TCR Turbocharger Bearings Semi floating journal bearings with squeeze oil damper The TCR bearing includes tried and tested aspects of the radial and axial bearing design of the NR series, such as the floating radial bearing bushes coupled with new detail solutions like the non-rotating radial bearings. The new “semi-floating” design permits most reliable operation and low wear. The most evident modification is the axial bearing now being arranged between the radial bearings. This arrangement enabels an extremely space-saving bearing design. For easy servicing, all bearings are housed...

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By applying up-to-date 3D CFD and FEA calculations, a new compressor wheel geometry has been created with further improved efficiencies. Depending on the application, part-load and full-load optimisation is possible by means of flow area combinations. TCR turbochargers can be optionally equipped with the IRC system (internal re-circulation) which is able to provide a larger compressor characteristic map with increased surge margin ability. The compressor wheel is milled from a high resistant aluminium alloy that can withstand intake conditions within a wide temperature spectrum. A new type of...

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MAN Diesel – TCR Turbocharger Compressor pressure ratio πc tot Range of turbocharger efficiency Compressor inlet Supercharged engine output [kW] Turbocharger programme Type Supercharged engine output [kW] 2-stroke 4-stroke le* = 8 kg/kWh le* = 7 kg/kWh Max. permissible Speed [rpm] Mass [kg] TCR12 - 760 71,300 100 TCR14 - 1,100 59,100 135 TCR16 - 1,600 49,100 205 TCR18 2,050 2,350 40,500 350 TCR20 3,000 3,400 33,600 600 TCR22 6,400 6,700 24,300 1,400 *Specific air consumption 9

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Nozzle Ring Patented variable nozzle ring TCR nozzle rings are manufactured from an extremely resistant material which ensures a long service life. Optimum adaptation of the turbocharger to the respective engine is achieved by means of individually selected flow areas (matching). A variable nozzle ring is optionally available, which is recommended for engines with frequently changing loads. The variable nozzle ring permits optimum adaptation of the flow cross-section to the corresponding load con-ditions of the engine, thus reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. 10

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MAN Diesel – TCR Turbocharger Whispering Silencer The entirely newly developed silencer cast from aluminium reduces sound emission to less than 105 dB(A). The radially arranged silencer segments have a flow-optimised design and contribute to the high efficiency of the turbocharger. The filter mat on the silencer circumference is easy to clean whenever necessary. Whispering silencer with patented radially inserted damping plates 11

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