Polaris RZR Turbo Kits

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Polaris RZR Turbo Kits Polari

the kit is a straight forward bolt on install. Developed by Trask specifically for this application。

about 5-6 hours to install, | Current Sale (FREEBIES) | BUY BACK GUARANTEE | WE SHIP INTERNATIONAL! | MILITARY DISCOUNTS! | TSI Turbo Kit for Polaris RZR 900 Brand: TSI Desc: RZR 900 Kit Status: Ready to Ship Price: $3295.00 $2995.00 Buy NowPolaris RZR Turbo Kits Include: - Garret GT15 Turbocharger - Exhaust Piping - Heat Shield - Air Filter - MAF Housing - Charge Piping - Blow Off Valve - Intercooler w/ Fan - 30 Amp Relay for Fan - Mountain Performance Fuel System - Oil Pick Up Clamps - All Necessary Hardware nbsp; Questions nbsp; TSI Desc: RZR 800 Kit Status: Ready to Ship Price: $2895.00 $2695.00 Buy NowPolaris RZR 800 Turbo Kits: - GT15 Garrett Turbo - Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold - Exhaust Outlet - Exhaust Downpipe - Exhaust Heat Wrap - Mountain Performance EFI Box w/ Map - Custom Intercooler w/ Fan - Lightweight Aluminum Intercooler Piping - TSI Blow Off Valve - Air Intake w/ Filter - Heat Shield - All Hoses Fittings - Install Instructions 40% more horsepower and torque, the unit interfaces with a sophisticated Trask engine management controller to provide "on call" gut wrenching performance while retaining reliability and all around drivability. Dyno tests at the Trask facility in Phoenix indicate a conservative 60-65 horsepower with 50-55 foot pounds of torque. An application specific ceramic coated mid pipe and forest approved SuperTrapp muffler. A rugged Trask/EPI clutch is supplied to handle the gobs of torque and horsepower, this kit can have you ripping up the trails in no time.For Engines: RZR Boost: 6 PSI HP Gain: 40% WHP Direct Bolt-On: Yes Warranty: 1 Year Questions nbsp; TRASK Desc: Polaris RZR Status: Please call Price: $4495.00 Buy NowTRASK Performance Turbo Kit: Based around a ceramic coated Garrett GT15 Super Modified turbo, an intercooler and internal waste-gate preset @ 8.0 lbs of boost. A hi-flow injector and billet boost gauge and mount.For Engines: RZR Boost: 8 PSI HP: 60-65 WHP Direct Bolt-On: Yes Warranty: 1 Year Questions & Information: - Frequently Asked Questions (see here first) - (any other questions) Contact Turbo-Kits.com NOW (only for questions not answered in our FAQs section) 。

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