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The Premiere Provider of Turbocharging Components

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Turbo Honeywell garrett Vol

Make: Toyoto

Old "T" Wheel Horsepower/Torque: 583/505 RWHP/Torque

New "GT" Wheel Horsepower/Torque: 730/639 RWHP/Torque

Another example of modern "GT" aerodynamics blowing away old "T" technology!

ATP implements the Garrett GT42 on the MKIV Toyota Supra engine!
On the T72, it is common practice to run a smaller A/R such as .70 in attempt to keep this large turbo "streetable". Many T72 users may cringe at the thought of running an A/R larger than 1.00 on a turbo for a street application. Amazingly, the much more HP capable GT42, even with its larger wheels and much larger 1.06 A/R, is capable of spooling up just as well as the smaller .70 A/R T72 in the low RPM while far exceeding its peak HP potential, thanks to modern aerodynamics and better turbine efficiency. The technology found in the wheel combinations used in the GT series turbocharger is decades ahead of the obsolete T turbochargers. This application is another example of how old turbo/wheel/A/R sizing habits can be overcome with new technology!
New "GT" Turbo: GT42 Compressor-94mm, 1.06 A/R Turbine housing
-Stock ECU w/ VPC & GCC Piggyback.

Low Boost (18psi) High Boost (24psi)

-Adjustable 1:1 Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator,

-Aftermarket Dual Feed Fuel Rail

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Vehicle Dyno

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-Dual In-tank pumps

Induction Model: Garrett GT42

Old "T" Turbo: T72 Compressor, .70 A/R Turbine housing

Model: Supra

-750cc injector

Year: 1994

-Dual -6 AN fuel lines

Cooling Detail: Front Mounted Intercooler

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Look for additional exciting test results from the Ball Bearing version of the GT42, called the GT42-R and the 1000 HP called the GT42-RS!

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