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5.3 truck + GT42 turbo = 650rwhp 680rwtq

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Turbo Truck 6 5 3

add now Trader Rating: 16 Join Date: Nov 2002 Location: San Francisco, 18x12's。

turbos95.com/garrett/TURBOCHARGERS_GT_SERIES/201204/05/4turbos95.com/more/Turbo_SERIES/201205/18/1885.html">36.html">546 Great numbers on such small displacement. From 3K to 4K RPM you nearly doubled the rear wheel torque! (300 to 550) That truck is going to scoot! What size downpipe? Are you running ported 6.0 heads? What rings are you running? Can't wait to see what it will do with some meth injection or straight 100 octane.... __________________ '93 FD RX-7/LS1/T56 18x10.5 CCW's, gnx7 TECH Fanatic Garage is empty, 2400lbs dry 196mph TX Mile 2009 FD RX-7 440ci n/a setup ?v=-C5gsNxe87U 204mph Mojave Mile 2010 FD RX-7 LS3 turbo 4psi ,。

1.13g's! 2800lbs 11.42@127.4mph n/a SOLD New Project: RX-7/FD/LS7/T56/Ohlins Road Race car: FD RX-7/438ci ARE dry sump/GForce dog box, CA Posts: 1。

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