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6boost.com Turbo manifolds and packages. [Archive]

Time:2012-05-23 23:28Turbochargers information Click:

6boost.com Turbo manifolds and

jake(tubbed1) is going aswell. Just going to use some 26x10.5 et streets on 15x8 rims that i already have. Hopefully it doesn't miss up the top, 21:26 Thanks mate;o) Make that 2 manifolds for Rajab, just the sides of each port is slightly wider on the BA motor. Your manifold would have fit fine with a slight bit of die grinding if the holes were in the right spot for the studs. Jet R31 31-03-07, 19:22 i sent a pm to you kyle 6BOOST 03-05-07, I have sold 2 manifolds. street VL 09-03-09, 12:04 Just Call Kyle On 0410730598 And He'll Answer All Ur Questions And Sell U A Turbo Kit 6BOOST 09-03-09, your a sik dog homie G... PLY-BOI 07-05-08。

16:39 With the 304 turbo kits。

his 2J manifolds are $2399US ($2900AUD+) + post!! cheers Troy StockyMcStock 13-04-07。

then who knows?

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