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GT42) for sale :: motorgeek.com

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Sale GT42 motorgeek.com

have to let it go cheap). , to Germany: 78, and now it is for sale. The GT4088 measures 88mm major on the compressor side and 64.7mm minor and 77mm on the exhaust side. The GT4094 measures 94mm major and 67.8mm minor and 77mm on the exhaust side. The GT4294 measures 94mm major and 70.3mm minor and 82mm on the exhaust side. As you can see my TA51 is right in between GT40 and GT42, it measures 91mm major and 67mm minor and 88mm major and 77mm minor on the exhaust side. It's an older version of what is now the GT40 and 42- still used to this day though on Volvo and Mac trucks. Journal bearing- which matters little on 800+ hp applications- really makes little difference when your HP goals are that high. It has a T6 1.15 A/R exhaust side and a .72 A/R compressor side. You can find many serious projects with Garrett TA51 if you google it. I’m living in Latvia,00$,00$ … Please ask in PM's the shipping costs to your country. The price for the TA51 is only: 450, that’s why the shipping is not cheap. For example shipping to USA: 180, Hello, just stored clean and oiled in my garage. My projects just stoped becouse of low budget,00$ (I need money now。

I have an original brand new Garrett TA51 that is right in between a GT40 and GT42 (spec wise) turbo for sale. It was never used in any project,。

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