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Road Intensive Care Ambulance For Sale, Ambulance For Sale, 4wd Suv

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Iveco 4wd (Manufacturer): Off-

you will be able to browse millions of products from Chinese factories and contact manufacturers and suppliers directly to get the best deal. , we can refit all kinds of ambulances, and to make them more efficient for you. On DHgate Factory, Iveco and et Name: NJ2045SAB IVECO 4WD Off-Road Ambulance for sale Standard Configurations 1) NJ2045SAB IVECO Off-road vehicle: 1 2) Skidproof floor in aid room: 1 set 3) Integrated gangway width: 1set 4) Multi-function top: 1set 5) Partition wall:1 set 6) Light in aid room:1set 7) Fixed transfusion bracket 1set 8) Medicine and instrument cabinet in aid room: 1set 9) Counter bed:1set 10)Supply system of oxygen: 1 set 11)Inverter: 1set 12)External power supply: 1 set 13)Ultraviolet radiation disinfector light:1pc 14)Outside label light: 1 set 15)Alarm light: 1 set 16)Exhaust system: 1set 17)Doctor chair: 1set 18)Automatic loading-and-unloading stretcher: 1set 19)Scalable scoop stretcher: 1set 20)Operation panel: 1set 21)Fire Extinguisher: 2pcs 22)Crashworthy head cushion: 1set 23)Garbage bin: 1pc 24)Interphone system: 1set 25)Special cabinet for stupefacient: 1set Technical Parameters: 1) Types of vehicle: NJ2045XJHS 2) Engine Model: SOFIM8142.43S 4*4 diesel 3) Engine Manufacturer: Nanjing IVECO Motor Co., such as Ford, board and room of our engineers if need to send our engineer to repair. According to your needs, Benz, Benz,GB3847-2005 16) Tire specs: LT255/85R16 After sale service: We promise 1year warranty since delivery date. We'll supply you with a complete training of engineer about the application and maintenance and installation of products. The buyer is only responsible for the air ticket, Specifications iveco 4WD Ambulance for sale: According to your needs。

such as Ford。

Ltd. 4) Suspended before / after hanging: 1000/1055 5) Approach/departure angel: 35/32.5 6) Wheelbase (mm): 2800 7) Wheel distance(front/rear): 1670/1670mm 8) Ground clearance (mm)(front/back): 235 9) Overall dimensions (mm): 4855×2080×2635 10) Total weight: 3000kg 11) Fuel type: diesel 12) Engine displacement (ml.): 2798 13) Engine power (kw): 92 14) Maximum speed(km/h): 105 15) Chassis standard: GB17691-2005 National , we can refit all kinds of ambulances, Iveco and etc. You might want to know...This Ambulance wholesaler is wholly responsible for (Manufacturer): IVECO 4WD Off-Road Intensive Care Ambulance for sale listing and contents. DHgate is a fast trading wholesale marketplace which supports purchase order transactions. DHgate Factory is born to target traditional offline global trading markets,。

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