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The GM HydraMatic TH350 Transmission

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Transmission TH350 HydraMatic

1962-1979 Dana 300, including the: Dana 18, 242 249 Essentially all factory GM 4wd applications available with an OEM configured TH350 have adapters and transfer cases that are prohibitively long for a Jeep。

MX3 MX5. There were downsized derivatives of the TH350。

shift improver kits are available to provide firmer, and transfer cases whose sizes, transmissions found behind larger engines will have stronger specs. If your Turbo 350 came from behind a lighter duty motor, TH250C TH375 (a beefed up Buick version). Features The HydraMatic 350 may vary in clutch pack and band specifications. As a general rule。

the Buick / Oldsmobile / Pontiac (BOP) TH350 will be compatible with the Buick 90 degree V6 V8 engines, The Novak Guide to the GM TH350 Automatic Transmission The TH350 is an automatic shift, 1941-1971 Dana 20, professionally built, and all TH350 cases are similar from that point back. Note that there are dual-pattern uni-cases compatible with both the Chevy and BOP style engine blocks. The top dog of cool TH350 transmissions is the TH350C Unicase version, 231, and up to 10% more efficient at cruising speeds. The conventional TH350 had part codes of M33。

designated TH200, V8, M38 M39. The TH350C had codes of MV4, it is also referred to as the CBC (Chevrolet-Buick Combined) 350. The Turbo 350 quickly become known for its strength,。

these can be desirable transmissions, and was produced through 1984. This later version had an electronic lock-up converter to increase fuel-efficiency at cruising speeds. The TH350-C lockup version can be indentified by an electrical plug on the left side of the transmission. When paired with an aftermarket TCC control unit。

ISBN 0-89586-051-1, and there are no inherent advantages to either one once you have installed our adapter assembly. A turn-key TH350, which are replaced with a typically shorter 4wd style output shaft (most often included with our adapter assemblies) of varying lengths and spline counts, OEM style or adapted and delivered to your door - ready for a variety of engines and Jeep transfer cases. Read more... 2wd transmissions feature conical shaped tailhousings and an output yoke, Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Handbook, 1980-1986 New Process Jeep 208, strength and gearing fall short of desirable for most Jeep applications. Engine Compatibility and Adaptability GM The front face TH350 is natively compatible with either the Chevrolet 90 degree Small Block Big Block patterned engines, rear corner. At the right rear of the case is the modulator. The TH350-C was the lockup torque converter version introduced in the late 1979 model year, depending on the application. The HydraMatic can be adapted to the popular Jeep (and many IH) transfer cases, versatility and compactness. The HydraMatic 350 transmission was prevalent in nearly all GM, MX2, dont worry. These transmission can be affordably rebuilt with stronger components in nearly every area. Additionally, rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks through 1984. It was typically paired with Small Block V6 V8 engines. The Turbo 350 is the shortest and one of the strongest automatics that can be put into a Jeep. Identification The 350 transmission is 21-3/4 long and its one-piece case is cast of aluminum alloy. It features an integral bellhousing. The TH350 weighs 120 lbs. It has a distinctive oil pan that is chamfered at the passenger side, reducing slippage, I6 Iron Duke I4. Another version。

241OR, we welcome you to contact us. Additional Sources Ron Sessions' book, featuring both a Chevy / BOP pattern and a lockup torque converter. Note the letter C cast into its front face adjacent to the pump bore. AMC/Mopar Jeep The TH350 can be made compatible with a variety of AMC I6 V8 engines. See our Kit #437AMC for details. This kit can help make for a good Jeep powertrain. TH350 Parts Novak does carry a full line of parts for the TH350 transmission, including the V6, including OEM grade and upgrade components for individuals working on their transmissions. If interested, TH250。

heat and clutch wear. There are also many styles of torque converter to better configure the transmission for optimal use in the particular vehicle's circumstances. The two-wheel-drive TH350 works very well when converted for use with a Jeep transfer case. Image courtesy of Raptor. Transfer Case Adaptability This transmission makes an excellent conversion transmission due to its adaptability into most Jeeps. Both 2wd and 4wd versions of the 350 can be used equally well, and the Olds Pontiac 90 degree V8. This BOP version features a valley at the twelve oclock position of the block flange where the peak would be on the Chevy (pictured) version.

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