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UTM 5.3 changelog

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UTM 5.3 changelog

UTM 5.3 changelog UTM 5.3-004-update3 (08.08.17)Fixes

Ticket IDDescription

T979Fixed a bug that appeared when deleting a service link that has turbo mode activated

T994Fixed a bug leading to cost rounding when generationg services bills

T1220Fixed a bug causing RFW to stop when UTM5 core and RFW breaks

T1255Fixed a bug causing user registration date change to the current date when editing her properties

T1405Fixed a bug causing Dealer's interface to execute certain functions improperly

T1418Fixed copyright information in the administrator's interface

T1419Fixed incorrect description of the rpcf_set_radius_attr function

T1481Fixed a bug that appeared when saving voluntary suspension settings in the administrator's interface

T1598Fixed the payment_method parameter description in the UTM5 payment tool configuration file - utm5_payment_tool.cfg

T1806Fixed the rpcf_set_radius_attr function description that led to incorrect attribute type verification

New Features

Ticket IDDescription

T1489Added option 121(classless-route) to the DHCP options list in administrator's interface

T950Added user data field in the IPTV service link properties for third party IPTV systems


UTM 5.3-004-update2 (01.12.16)Fixes

Ticket IDDescription

T423Fixed alternative document number (ic_alt_number) not being passed to 1C integration module correctly

T573Fixed passing incorrect user account parameters to payment systems integration module. Full name and Actual address are now passed correctly

T593Fixed a bug causing errors when performing optimized search in PostgreSQL database

T634Fixed a bug preventing Megogo and Smotreshka services from being created in the absence of IPTV integration module license

T641Fixed a bug causing errors when saving RADIUS attributes in RADIUS account settings

T646Fixed a bug causing errors when executing rpcf_add_tel_service or rpcf_edit_tel_service functions with URFA client

T785Fixed a bug causing IPTV services blocking at the end of an accounting period

T672Fixed a bug causing errors in User Web Interface when using PHP 5.4 or 5.5


UTM 5.3-004-update1 (11.10.2016)New Features

Ticket IDDescription

T423An alternative document number field (ic_alt_number) has been added to the events sent by the server during invoice sync. This number may be used when generating bills, VAT invoices, etc. It is passed to 1C integration module in the bill number field

T503When a service cost correction is set in a service link, a corresponding record is added to User Change Log report



Ticket IDDescription

T327Fixed a bug causing incorrect calculation of the recommended payment amount. Now it considers charge policy recalculation rules for blocking

T352Service cost coefficient calculation details are no longer sent to any log stream

T415Paypal logo has been added and is now displayed in the customer's account page if this payment system is available

T416default VAT rate parameter has been restored in system settings

T444Fixed a bug preventing "Remove from group" setting for one-time service from being saved

T450Fixed a bug preventing traffic aggregation period from restoring its default value in IP-traffic service properties

T481Fixed rpcf_edit_tclass funcion description in api.xml

T490Fixed a bug causing errors when executing rpcf_get_tel_service function with URFA client

T528Fixed a bug preventing RADIUS attributes in IP-traffic service link properties from being saved

UTM 5.3-004-rc2 (19.08.2016)What's new

Ticket IDDescription

4413Added HotSpot card users autoregistration

4414Added external traffic collectors support

4418Added new configuration options for invoices generation adjustment during accounting period

4419Added tagged RADIUS attributes support.

4458Licensing policy has changed. Starting with version 5.3-004, maximum release date is introduced. Only UTM5 builds and updates that are released prior to that date, can be downloaded and installed.

4741Added aqcuiring payment systems licensing.

4753Added DHCP pools list filtering in IP group properties, based on the switch selected.

4834Administrator's interface now performs a check that its and UTM5 core versions match.

5194Added a new UTM5 core module for users registration via Captive Portal web page.

5214Added a preliminary accuracy check of charges for IP traffic consumption.

5215Added integration with PaymentExpress aqcuiring service.

5216Added integration with Uniteller acquiring service.

5217Added integration with PayPal acquiring service.

5253Archived tables now can be moved to any other database within one DBMS.

5283Added integration with Megogo IPTV.

5366Added integration with Smotreshka IPTV.

UTM 5.3-003-update15 (06.04.2016)

New features

Ticket ID



When installing the system on a Debian platform, system services are automatically added to the autorun list


The list of ciphers, used for NXT connections, has been expanded


Acquiring payment systems payment execution is performed by the payment systems integration module


The system version is added to log files at system start


An index has been added for the dhs_sessions_details DB table


In case any errors occur while checking the archived DB table schemes for correctness, diagnostic messages are now added to the system log


In administrator’s interface the switch edit window can now be closed with the ESC button


Data filtering is now available for the DHCP lease page in the administrator’s interface


The info field below the side menu of the administrator’s interface has been hidden


A number of URFA call parameters, described in the api.xml file, have been updated with default values


A system core response timeout has been added for authorization requests processing by the RADIUS server when using ISG module


Added variables for IPTV service links for use in the user memo template


Added a WIN32 distributive of the current system version


If enabling turbo mode downgrades the service quality, its activation is restricted both in user’s web interface and in administrator’s interface


The error code list, returned in the h323-return-code attribute in response to  the RADIUS authorization, has been expanded


The list of firewall variables for user events has been updated with MOBILE_PHONE, WORK_PHONE and HOME_PHONE variables


The buildings page now stores the houses per page setting between sessions


A periodic payments checkup at core start for services with “at the start of the period” charge method has been added


Start scripts for the utm5_dhcpd service for the Unix platform have been upgraded



Ticket ID



Fixed a bug preventing user from creating a system group when using PostgreSQL DBMS


Shaping attributes are now added to RADIUS server response when using ISG


Fixed a bug, causing dialup services to be updated incorrectly in RADIUS server’s cache when editing them in the administrator’s interface


Fixed regular UTM5 core operation on CentOS 7 platform


Fixed a bug causing RADIUS server to assign incorrect IP addresses in some cases


Fixed a bug preventing from making a payment based on a bill, stored in an archived table


A redundant DB table traffic_consumtions has been excluded from the DB structure


Fixed a bug causing incorrect bills generation when using the “prepayment in advance” option in User’s settings


Fixed a bug causing a message status to be incorrectly set to read in the administrator’s interface


Fixed a bug causing IP addresses dynamically assigned by the DHCP module to be prematurely unbound


The prepaid cards (with the “random numbers” option enabled) generation algorithm has been enhanced


Changing personal manager in User’s settings now gets into the User Change Log report


The administrator’s interface now spawns an error message when creating a system user with an existing login name


If a DBMS server name cannot be resolved, a corresponding message is now added to the system core log


Fixed a bug preventing from creating an IP traffic service link


Fixed a bug causing DB structure violation when generating bills for IP traffic service links


Fixed a bug preventing from finding users by a service ID


Updated administrator’s interface to operate properly with new versions of the Oracle JRE


Fixed a bug preventing a receipt from being displayed when making a payment in dealer’s interface


Fixed the default RADIUS server authorization timeout in ISG profile properties


Fixed a bug causing DB logical integrity violation when charging for IPTV services


Fixed user web interface pages that are responsible for payment systems operations


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