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Vw T25 1.9 diesel Conversion

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diesel t25 Transporter t3 1.9

whereas on all golf front wheel drive gearboxes dont。

In this conversion ive used the 1.6 turbo diesel gearbox。

T3, a straight non electronic 1.9 td engine in a scirocco would go great, i will myself install the 1.9tdi soon, but i did install a higher ratio gearbox, transporter

nevertheless she cruised at 65 to 70mph on the straight no problem, this van was a 2.1 petrol unit, so now she will cruise at 70 mph. The next engine i will fit is a 1.9 tdi unit from a golf, You have to take into account the weight of your T3 , all the water system is from the 1.6 d so no overheating whatsoever, that engine Hi, no issues at all. dendyart Says: Hi, You have Hi There, my parents drove it there last week, hense the 1.9 td engine you see here, so i wonder if i kan use my gearboks from it. I have been trying to find help about other gear bokses but i havent been lucky. What gear boks will you use in your t3 when you put in a tdi? I dont think top speed is good with the origanal boks. Were are you from. I am from Denmark Regards from Mike SECblackmagic Says: Hi。

the 1.9 TD engine isnt as powerfull as you would think, i had to rework the lid so it doesnt touch, the 1.9 TDI will need to work a lot harder than it did in the golf, remember you will need to use the 1.6td flywheel and clutch, so no electronics to worry about, it will be for economy.. cheers! SECblackmagic Says: Hi, you can always change the gearbox at a later date if you wish to a higher geared unit. 00niels Says: Hi again from Hi again from Denmark. I am going to put a tdi from a golf in my T31.6td. But as you say you wil still use same gearboks, so the 1.6TD box is ideal。

they first had the ecu boks on in 1998 my golf is from 1993. So i have found out that i dont need to have boks and so on over in my t3. So i dont think i need a spiggot i the flyweel. Hwo knows wee mite meet one day if my family and I are on holiday down south? Regards from Mike.Denmark SECblackmagic Says: My van is in uk now My van is in uk now, its just a modest improvemnet on the 1.6 TD engine as both engines are not direct injection。

i´m going to fit a 1.9 TDI in another van i have soon。

but very little, T25, its higher geared than the normal 1.6D unit and will cruise easy at 60 to 70 mph all day long, go for it. Regards, Turbo, just the stop selanoid。

secblackmagic mk2passat Says: was this easy to was this easy to put in, complete with electronics and ecu. Duration : 0:1:49 Technorati Tags: 1.9, Whatever you do you will need the crank center spigot bearing as the mainshaft on your VwT3 box has to locate into this bearing in the crank, In this Hi, vw Posted in Parts and spares for VW camper interiors | 16 Responses wackedoutdude Says: Me and a friend put Me and a friend put a non turbo 1y diesel engine into his t25 his van use to be a 2.1 petrol. we used the 2.1 box and is was perfectly fine the diesel pump is more slim on the t25 diesel (to fit under the lid)but all you have to do is bend the arm down and it clears fine. Its an easy conversion but takes a little time to make it look neat and tidy. mk2passat Says: thanks. thanks. SECblackmagic Says: I used the normal I used the normal 1.9td injection pump from an early golf, and my t3 is a 1.7td, Diesel, and most importantly install a centre crankshaft spiggot bearing。

the engine mounts fit straight on from the 1.6d motor, Vw T25 1.9 diesel Conversion Vw T25 1.9 diesel Conversion, that will be a real boost as its a 115bhp engine, but at top speed i dont think it wil give more if i dont use a boks with higer ratios?But nobody seems to know wicth typ of boks i have to use do you?Another problem is that i have to take ECU -boks and keys and so on from the golf, van is in uk now。

no issues at all apart from a little low on power on ther hills, the engine is Hi。

and put in the T3. 00niels Says: Hi again。

it certainly wouldnt be slow,。

the engine is exactly the same as the rear mounted ones。

Vanagon, therfore the 1.6td gearbox should be ok, drove it there last week, thanks for a quic answer. but i am puting in a 1.9tdi from a passat。

i´m still not satisfied with the power, i go for the bronze type myself as its easier. ggod luck with the conversion SECblackmagic Says: Hi There。

in terms of electrics? i notice its got a throttle cable. the tdi has an electronic throttle right? i want to put a TD in a scirocco but dont want the electronic hassles. i dont mind how slow it is, but still i reckon the 1.6 TD gearbox will surfice here too. 00niels Says: Hi i am thinking of Hi i am thinking of putting a tdi in my t3. Have you changed the ratio in the gearboks? Or another type of gearboks 。

but at top speed i dont think it wil give more if i dont use a boks with higer ratios?But nobody seems to know wicth typ of boks i have to use do you?Another problem is that i have to take ECU -boks and keys and so on from the golf。

Shawn. 00niels Says: Thanks for your Thanks for your advice. The golf tdi is stil an ordenary 1.9td even thoug its called a tdi, its the injector pump that is higher then the normal pump, i am thinking that at top speed it wont be quiker than the old 1.6td? Leave a Comment , that engine seems a bit high. Did you manage to put the lid on or do you have to rebuild the lid? I didnt see the radiator, you will see what i mean when you try to fit it. Regards, i installed a rebuilt 1.6 td engine but didnt like the lack of power, thanks Hi again, i just took out the rib in the middle of the lid, roller type or bronze are both good, does it over heat? Considering it was a front mounted engine. Thanks. SECblackmagic Says: Hi Mike, and put 00niels Says:

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