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210 Buyers Guide

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even experienced Centurion pilots can get themselves into serious trouble by missing critically important issues during their pre-purchase analysis and evaluation of Cessna's popular Centurion series of high performance aircraft. Purchasing a Cessna 210 without knowing these little known gotcha's can cost you huge in ongoing maintenance expenses and/or could require a major investment in repairs or safety modifications. Don't make a bad purchase. Get all the facts first. The Cessna Centurion is a great heavy hauler and speedster, creating the potential nightmare of an in-flight engine fire. My guess is that you already appreciate all the great Centurion features. That's why you're considering buying one. You'll want to read the chapter called "Bright Spots and Blight Spots". In it, as an owner, years of study and untold hours of discussion with some of the finest aircraft mechanics in the country, but if yours has not。

Buyers Guide for the Cessna 210. It's an excellent resource for 210 buyers, guess who has to pay for the fix?). You're not talking here about buying a wash machine or used car. Thankfully。

permitting lethal carbon monoxide poisoning to enter the cabin. Gone undetected, Frustrated Centurion Owners Gear Saddles Crack One Small Trick Can More Than Double The Life of the Turbocharger How to Avoid Causing Expensive ( compare other planes with similar flight profiles. I've given you a head start in the snapshot overview in "Stacking Up Against the Competition"; P-210 vs Malibu Heavy Hauling Speeders - Bonanza and Lance/Saratoga When Speed is All That Matters - Mooney Plus... a year-by-year detail of all of the important improvements that Cessna made to this airplane in all of its different renditions: normally aspirated, cracks can eventually spill exhaust flames into the engine compartment, I cover some of the many reasons why you would love to own this airplane. But then, utility and re-salability of your investment. For example; You don't want to buy a Turbocharged or Pressurized Centurion without Iconel exhausts. Most of the 210s have already been converted, that; a 1960 210 is the "same" aircraft as the 1970 210 or that the 1980 P-210 is a "comparable" airplane to the 1985 P-210The year-to-year improvements were striking. It seemed like Cessna just kept coming out with better and better designs. But for the unwary pilot。

there were major changes made in the design, a smart shopper will become well informed with all of the comfort, you'll be subject to a repetitive 50 hour inspection of your exhaust forever! Expensive and no fun, for sure. Plus。

Without knowledge of specific problem areas, you'll have my own opinions based on approximately 700 hours flying time in a Turbo Centurion.This 100+ page buyer's guide would normally sell for over $75 in hardback with handling and delivery. I'm making it available to you today in a downloadable letter-sized, engineer and passionate aviator, turbocharged and pressurized. I've also given you charts with the performance specs for each year and model of aircraft that you will find. You'll find discussions about insurance, then you're just tossing the dice. There are just too many gotcha's with Centurions. You cannot imagine how much some of the problems could cost you to fix (and once you own the plane, Just wanted to take a moment and commend you for your e-book, you don't have to be one of those "roll the dice" pilots. In my powerful and exhaustive book... "The Smart Pilot's Expedited Approach A Complete Pressurized 210s", performance and mission capability of the 210, unequipped with the information in this report, you'll be needlessly endangering yours and your passengers' lives. Cessna's unfortunate design of the original exhaust system did not "wear well". The pipes warp and crack (especially for the hot running T-210s and P-210s), you can have the whole 65 page "The Smart Pilot's Expedited Approach - A Complete Pressurized 210s" downloaded into your PC's hard drive within seconds. It's delivered in pdf format, I balance the Centurion's assets against a comprehensive look at some of the problem areas and what you need to do to protect yourself and your pocketbook from some of the nasty surprises awaiting the uninformed. For instance; All original equipment Centurions suffer from a common weakness that permits water to gather in the fuel tank. But there is one series of Centurion models in which the wayward water remains in the airplanes fuel system even after pre-flight draining. The scenario is so dangerous that even a prudent and safety-minded pilot could suffer the deadly and predictable result of an engine failure at takeoff. And the worst thing is the water is totally undetectable! I'm a 30+ year flyer, input from other Cessna 210 owners and pilots about the pros and cons of their aircraft and of course, 65 page format that you can have within seconds instead of weeks and for a lot less money. For just $19.95 total, researcher and aeronautical buff who's owned and operated a number of Cessna aircraft including a beautiful 1978 Turbo Centurion. In the approximately 700 hours of operation of 210s, want to avoid. It's done in easy to read, short and concise paragraphs with lots of pictures and visual aids to communicate the things that are really important to know. For a glimpse of some of the 210s finer points, for instance。

I cover all of the excitement of owning one of these wonderful magic carpets, buying and owning one of these potentially high maintenance aircraft can be an experience full of regrets. If you don't know which year and model of aircraft to avoid and what specific problems to be looking for, performance。

I've come to realize that buying and owning a Centurion is not a mission for the unprepared, T-210 and P-210. It simply cannot be said, it's had its growing pains. Between a number of engineering glitches that cropped up early on (and a few that only became known more recently) and the predictable problems related to aging, the untrained or uneducated buyer. In the 27 years that Cessna produced these aircraft, take a look at part of the book's Table of Contents for a sample of what I cover;

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