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Garrett TB03 turbo ????

Time:2012-05-17 16:12Turbochargers information Click:

Turbo garrett detai TB03

turbos95.com/news/Holset/201205/16/1430.html">turbos95.com/garrett/TURBOS_GT_SERIES4/201204/05/397.html">Garrett Airesearch TB03 turbo ????

Hello Peeps !!

I have got hold of a turbo from a mate - he bought this age's ago to fit to his manta as a project !!

But he never got around to it !!

Now I have it !! tehe !!

Anyone know a site or any details of this turbo - from what I can gather so far it's lotus related (esprit) I have details below :-

Model No :- TB03

s/n :- PF0004A

ATD P/N :- TPL1451A

My mate says he rang a turbo company and the actuator is from a saab !!

I guess knowing the A/R ratio would be good aswell !!

Come monday I should get pics on here aswell !!!!



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