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PORSCHE OPTION CODES for Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 and Porsche 911 930 Turbo, 1984 to 1989 model years

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porsche Porsche option codes

PORSCHE OPTION CODES for Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 and Porsche 911 930 Turbo, 1984 to 1989 model years.

This list will give you some idea of the way a 911 was optioned from the factory but...there is no doubt that some codes may not be listed and some may be incorrect.

Porsche would change the fitted 'series' options to suit different markets, so that if your 911 has a passenger mirror but it's not listed on the sticker under the bonnet or the one in the book this is no problem. But if the codes say you have sports seats, but they aren't in the car than there must be a story to tell somewhere.

Various markets demanded different specifications- for example in Europe leather dashboards were usually part of the spec on all Turbo, but for hotter climates leather dashboards were not normal.  Italian cars rarely had a rear wiper and almost always air con, whereas rear wipers were always part of the British spec.

The first code you will see on the white label is C?and this is to identify for which market the car was produced.   COO=Germany, CO5=France, C16=UK, C23 Belgium, C32=Saudi Arabia e.t.c.

PORSCHE Special orders.

Porsche would always endeavour to provide what the customer wanted however good or bad taste this might be. They employed craftsmen to create custom Porsche for their clients.

Usually it is to do with trim and finishes, maybe instruments with leather bezels, or leather dash, wood trim, colour coding, additional leather to the visors, headliner, wheel, car phones, even things like leather covered switches, seat buttons, flasher switch, and vents. Basically anything you like.

Porsche later claimed 'the most vivid imagination can become a reality. And judging by some of the cars turned out they managed it!


If you want to know more about the way your car was specified it is worth contacting your local Porsche dealer or direct to the factory and asking for a build sheet of your car - there is sometimes a charge for this service.

To find out the model year (not date of first registration) go to Porsche 3.2 Chassis codes.

For information on buying or owning a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 or 930 Turbo 3.3 go to 911 Carrera 3.2 turbo buyers guide.

Option Codes for all models

C02 Catalytic converter

018 Sport steering wheel with elevated hub

020 Speedometer with 2 scales KPH/MPH

024 Version for Greece

027 Version for California

030 Club sport package

031 Sport shock absorbers

034 Version for Italy

061 Version for Great Britain

070 Tonneau cover - Cabriolet

103 Adjustment of shock absorber strut

113 Version for Canada

119 Version for Spain

124 Yellow light (version for France)

126 Stickers in French

130 Labelling in English

139 Seat Heating - Left

152 Engine noise reduction

160 Radio "Charleston"

176 oil cooer with fan

185 Automatic 2 point rear seat belts

186 Manual 2 point rear seat belts

187 Asymmetric head lights

190 Increased side door strength

193 Version for Japan

195 Prepared for cellular telephone

197 Higher amperage battery

215 Version for Saudi Arabia

218 License brackets front and rear

219 Differential

220 Locking (Limited Slip) differential

221 Porsche-locking differential

225 Version for Belgium

240 Version for countries with inferior fuel

241 Shorter shifting travel

243 Shorter gear shift lever

255 Fuel consumption indicator

258 Heating for outside mirror

261 Passenger side mirror - electric - plain

262 Outside mirror for passenger side, plain, manual

277 Version for Switzerland

286 High intensity windscreen washer

288 Headlight washer

298 Prepared for unleaded fuel, manual transmission

302 Type designated on rear end

323 Sticker, without ESE-Regulations

325 Version for South Africa

330 ???

331 AM/FM Cassette w/2 door speakers

335 Automatic 3 point rear seat belts

340 Seat heating - Right

341 Central locking system

348 Fuchs wheels in white.

351 Porsche-car radio, CR stereo, type DE

375 Clutch lining without asbestos

377 Combination seat, left, adjustable

378 Combination seat, right, adjustable

379 Series seat, left electrical vertical adjustment

380 Series seat, right electrical vertical adjustment

381 Series seat, left

382 Series seat, right

383 Sport seat - left

387 Sport seat - right

389 Porsche-car radio, CR stereo, type US

391 Stone guard foil, added separately

395 Light metal wheels - forged

398 Left outside mirror - electric - plain

409 Sport seats left and right leather

410 Sport seats left and right leatherette/cloth

411 Licence bracket, front

414 Transmission oil cooler

416 Leather steering wheel and shift boot

419 Rear luggage compartment instead of rear seats

422 Porsche-car radio, CR stereo, type RW

423 Cassette container and coin box

424 Automatic heating control

425 Rear wiper

429 Fog headlamp, white

431 Leather steering wheel 363mm

432 Sports steering wheel, leather 363mm (4 spokes)

437 Comfort seat left

438 Comfort seat right

439 Electric Cabriolet top

440 Manual antenna, 4 speakers

441 Fader, antenna booster, 4 speakers

441 Radio speakers and antenna amplifier

442 Prepared for radio without antenna

443 Tinted front and side glass, heated windshield.

444 Cabriolet

447 Emergency wheel - with collapsable tyre

451 Prepared for radio for sport group

454 Automatic speed control

455 Wheel locks

456 Sport shock absorbers and stabilizers

458 16in alloy wheels

461 Electric antenna, 4 speakers

462 Sekuriflex windshield

463 Clear windshield

463 Lateral glasses tinted, (version for Australia)

464 Without compressor and tire pressure gauge

465 Fastening parts for transportation (version for overseas)

467 Drivers side mirror, convex

468 Graduated tint windshield, green side glass

469 Black headliner

471 Sport group 1

474 Sport shock absorbers

475 Brake pads without asbestos

475 License plate fastening (version for Austria, Finland, Australia)

476 Brake pad with abrasive pad

479 Version for Australia

481 5 speed manual transmission

482 Engine compartment light

483 Right hand drive

484 Symbols for controls

487 Connection for fog headlamp with parking light

488 Stickers in German

489 Symbols and insignia in German

490 sound system

491 Turbo look

492 H4 headlights for left hand traffic

494 2 speakers on back shelf

494 Amplifier system

496 Black trim - painted headlight rims

498 Without rear model designation

499 Version for West Germany

503 Cabrio variant (Speedster)

505 Slant nose

506 Slant nose

513 Lumbar support - right seat

525 Alarm with continuous sound

528 Passenger side mirror convex

529 Outside mirror - passenger side, convex, manual

533 Alarm system

537 Left seat with positrol and lumbar

538 Right seat with positrol and lumbar

548 Fuel filler neck, unleaded fuel with flap

553 Version for USA

559 Air conditioner

562 Airbag driver's side

563 Airbag passenger's side

563 Automatic air conditioner

565 Safety steering wheel - leather

567 Windshield green graduated tint

568 Tinted windshield and side glass

570 High output air conditioner

572 Heating

573 Air conditioner

576 Without rear fog light

586 Lumbar support - left seat

592 Brake fluid warning system

597 Heavy duty battery and starter

602 Third brake light "High mount"

605 Vertical headlight adjustment

637 Sport Group (Club sport)

650 Sunroof

651 Electric windows

657 Power steering

666 Without lacquer preservation and chrome preservation

673 Prepared for lead sealed odometer

675 Instrument cluster - technical lighting

686 Radio "Ludwigsburg" SQM with arimat

701 Car-version Slant Nose

719 Special reconstruction

780 Remove safety certificate

900 Tourist delivery

912 Vehicle without identification plate

925 High altitude areas (version for US)

930 Seat cover rear LLL

931 Seat cover rear KKK

932 Seat cover rear SKK

933 Seat cover rear SLL

934 Seat cover rear SSK

935 Seat cover rear RLL

945 Seat cover front SKK

946 Leather/leatherette seats

947 Seat cover front:cloth/leather/leatherette Seat cover rear:cloth/leather/leatherette

948 Seat cover front SLL

974 Luggage boot cover

975 Velour carpet in luggage compartment

980 Seat cover - Raff - leather

981 All leather lining

983 Leather seats front and rear

985 Parts silver coloured

986 Partial leather lining

989 Left and right sport seats - cloth

990 Seats all cloth


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