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2010 New International ISIS Service Manual DVD

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2010 International ISIS servic

2001 with Fan Code 12WBN and Shroud Part Number 3528068C1 or 3537871C1 011213 Improved Shim and Service Kit for Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor 011212 Flywheel Machining Dimensions and Guidelines 011211 Refilling 4300, Starting Serial Numbers: DT/DTA-446 642456* and Above, Model Year 1994 - 1998 EGES-175-1 DT-466E and 530E Diesel Engine Diagnostics Model Years 1999-2000 EGES-205 International® T 444E Diesel Engine - Model Years Late 1997 to 2003 EGES-210-1 International® DT 466E, 3800 Bus Models 97505 3800 Buses and 4700 FBC Chassis With the T 444E Engine Electronic Accelerator Pedal Rod 96511 Detroit Diesel Engines With Optimized Idle 96509 Accelerator Pedal to Floor Interference 3800 Bus with I6 Electronic Engine 95507 2574, DT 466 and International® 530 941202r Air Conditioning Compressor Belt Flip Off 941201 Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA'S) 931210 Horton Fan Clutch Noise 931209 Horton Fan Clutch "System Saver" 931208 Modification of Accelerator Rod At The Modulator Cable Position 931207 Replacing a Garrett Charge Air Cooler with a Modine Charge Air Cooler 931202 The Use of Propylene Glycol Antifreeze 921217 Injection Pump Electric Shut-Off Service Package Revisions for DT/DTI/DTA-466 and DT/DTA-360 Engines 921216 Revised 7.3L Final Fuel Filter/Water Separator Assembly 921213 New Fan Drives To Accommodate "SPIN-ON" Type Fan Drive Clutches For All DT/DTA-360 and DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engines 921212 Injection Nozzle Change For 1992 Model Year DTA-466 (E270F) 270 HP Engine Applications 921211 Release of Segmented Oil Pan Gaskets for DT/DTA-360 and DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engines. 921210 Release of 1992-1993 Model Year 7.3 Liter Diesel Engines 921207 Release Separate Service Flywheels For Use On 360 and 466 Diesel Engines 921206 Release 1992 Service Turbocharger Application Guide For All DT/DTA360 and 466 Engines 921205 Inspection Procedure For Verification Of Oil Or Coolant Leakage From Cylinder Head Gasket (7.3L Diesel Engine) 921202 Release of 1992 Model Year DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engines, and Allison Transmissions 99902 Poor Acceleration and Stumble with 1998 DT 466E F230/250 High Torque Engines 98904 Engine Road Draft Tube Extension 98903 Poor Cold Startability of DT 466E Engines with Navistar Single Box Engine Control Module (ECM) 97909 Possible Inadequate Fan to Radiator Clearance 97905 Engine Air Intake System Revision 97902 Fan Belt Misalignment with Cummins N-14 Engine 95908 Radiator 95907 Fuel Injection Pump 95904 Oil Dip Stick Tube 95901 Install Refrigerant Compressor Support

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