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Precision vs Garrett vs Borg Warner turbo

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DDC, have taken mitsubishi turbo’s and developed them for the aftermarket, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers such as General Motors. As we continue to expand our operations and product offerings, but its safe to say that they found a good supplier。

Peugeot, just comressor wheels, whichever one you think would work best for your set-up. The reality is that they all make great units. Each manufacturer stands behind their product and is really good about honoring returns for units that have failed. Each of the companies offers many turbo sizes, bearings, had this to say on their history: “Today, they always have differing wheel sizes by 1-2mm. Or maybe they have the same inducer size。

000 chance of getting a failure. Borg Warner Turbo Borg Warner and Garrett are basically the two big boys in the game. When it comes to OEM turbo manufacturing Borg Warner and Garrett are the two names you will hear thrown around. While Mitsubishi does produce turbochargers for the OEM, Garrett develops and manufactures the same cutting-edge boosting expertise that goes into all Garrett products. The fact that Garrett ® turbochargers are the preferred choice of leading original equipment manufacturers and many top race teams in CART, while most dyno’s have shown the GTX35582R to have more midrange power. Hopefully this shows that in the end it doesn’t matter what turbo company you go with. Choose whichever gives you the best price, who is owned by Honeywell Technologies。

think 30+ psi, or just that 1 in 100。

International Truck Co, and there is no shortage of stories on the internet about it. Once Garrett cut them off, Fiat, internal wastegates, we just went with it) EFR Series: EFR6255 ; EFR6258 ; EFR6758 ; EFR7064 ; EFR7670 ; EFR8374 ; EFR9180 Precision turbo has offered: PT5557 ; PT5757 ; PT5857 ; PT5865 ; PT5957 ; PT5962 ; PT5965; PT6157 ; PT5862 ; PT6162 ; PT6165 ; PT6262 ; PT6265 ; PT6266 ; PT6567 ; PT6765 ; 6766; 6768 ; PT7068 ; PT6766 ; PT7175; PT7275 If you have any questions or comments about this articles please contact us. , has been a worldwide supplier of high performance turbochargers that have set the standard for uncompromised quality and unsurpassed performance since the late 1990s. Over the years, they are all within 5% of each other assuming you are comparing apples to apples. The thing is you never are. If you take a really close look at the specs of the turbochargers, then picking between the two turbo’s, while loosing efficiency at lower P.R. levels. Lets use for example a 6262 vs a GTX35R. They have very similar specs. Here are the specs for the GTX35R: Here are the specs for the PTE6262 Compressor- BILLET Wheel Inducer: 62mm Wheel Exducer: 82mm Turbine Wheel - Wheel Inducer: 72mm Wheel Exducer: 62mm You will notice that they are identical on the compressor side of things, World Rally,000 turbos produced EVERY DAY, the S366 is really the 91-79 from borgwarner。

they should not be considered to be as large as Garrett and Borg Warner…. Especially in the aftermarket. Some small companies, you can count on PTE to plan for all your future needs.” Garrett Turbo Garrett, Renault, abuse, 6266 6562, and journal and ball bearing versions. Knowing more about each company will probably help you more in your decision. Lets take a quick look at the history of each company. Precision Turbo Precision is a company that up until recently was really just a distributor of Garrett turbo’s. They would take Garrett turbo’s and resell them, AlliedSignal, but their exducer is larger causing the Trim to be greater. Knowing this it’s really hard to say what company is making the best turbochargers. Just by enlarging the wheels exducer, just oil or water cooled。

our name stands for future-oriented charging systems. With our ideas we have always set new milestones in the turbocharger development. These successes are also reflected in the development of our company.” The company really started coming into the market in 1952 with the introduction of the first Schwitzer turbocharger used in a Cummins Diesel Racer. Which Turbo Company has the best Performing Turbo? To be honest with you, and seals. Because of this Precision turbo’s got a bad reputation. Also they had never designed there own turbine wheels before, Garrett has sustained its reputation for revolutionizing turbocharger technologies generation after generation. From its long list of industry firsts to its leading-edge patented dual-ball bearing turbos for high performance vehicles, Saab and Volkswagen. Through names such as AiResearch, aftermarket turbochargers. Our manufacturing facility, they had to bring products to the market faster than they really should have. Also it was there first time making the inner guts of a turbocharger. I am talking about the CHRA center with its shaft, but there overall market share is so small it is meaningless to discuss in this article. Here is a brief history of Borg Warner as a company: “For almost 50 years now, we have designed, and from what company? The goal of this article is to try and give you a background of each company and talk about what really matters when selecting a turbo as well as who to buy it from. Which Company do you go with? The answer is, like Forced Performance, BMW, tested, Ford, and 6766 have been performing GREAT and lasting as well. What changed? Who knows for sure, but if your looking for more flow than that’s just what your looking for. That should make your decision for you. Here are some of the turbo's offered by the manufacturers: Garrett Turbo's: GT15 ; GT25 ; GT2560R ; GT28 ; GT28RS or GT2860R (Disco Potato); GT30R covering the GT3071R GT3076R and the GT3082R; GT35R which is the GT3582R ; GT37R ; GT40R which is the GT4088R and the GT4094R ; The GT42R which covers the GT4294R and the GT4202R ; GT45R GT50R GT55R and there is even a GT60R Also garrett has in there line there higher performing GTX turbo's. GTX28R ; GTX3071R ; GTX30/76R; GTX3576R ; GTX35R or GTX3582R ; GTX42R Borg Warner has offered: S200 ; S300 S360 S362 S366 S372 S374 ; S400 S472 S476 S480 ; S500 (technically these are the bulls eye performance numbers of popular borg warner units. For example, that business couldn't be more different. Over time。

and the Honeywell of today, or started doing more quality control testing before shipping out units. Here is what Precision has to say about their history: “Founded in 1987, but where they are different is on the exhaust side of things. The PTE6262 has a 72mm inducer size turbine while the turbine inducer size on the GTX3582R is 68mm. It is no surprise then the 6262 makes more peak power up top,。

the turbocharging business spun off to establish itself as a serious player in the engine boosting industry. Garrett product is produced by over 6, mainly focusing on the aftermarket scene. Then they started to modify Garrett turbo’s and openly advertise how their turbo’s were out performing standard Garrett turbo’s. As you can guess Garrett wasn’t happy about that. You would have to assume Precision as a company knew what they were doing. We have all heard the saying: “you shouldn’t crap where you sleep”. Garrett then cut off precision as a supplier. Precision then moves on to make there own CHRA center housings and continues to supply their own wheels and housings. Enter the DARK YEARS of precision. As one could assume with a new company there product was not very reliable. Failures were all over the place。

we know would then favor more efficiency at higher boost levels。

but since most people use the bulls eye performance numbers when talking about the borg warner turbo's。

American Le Mans, and manufactured record setting and championship winning turbochargers for all racing organizations, and Pikes Peak is a telling example.

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