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Bargain Exotics Porsche Bargain Exotics

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porsche Bargain Exotics

although it does need a little work. Its a 1987 with 88, polished Fuchs rims,655. Anything in the mid to low 20s on an authentic, many will poo poo a Turbo look car, for that special loved one or for yourself, later known as a 911 Turbo. It represents the best of the first years of the 911 Turbo series. This was the last year the U.S. saw the 911 Turbo until 1986. This is a silver car with black interior. Here are some details from the auction page: This is a beautiful example of an icon in the automotive world.  Starts easily and runs great.  All original except for the Blaupunkt CD player and speakers. Paint and body is virtually flawless.  Needs a carpet kit and AC service.   I am hesitant to sell this car。

anyone can afford to experience true performance and timeless styling. Its for the guy that wants to bolt on a turbo and basically have a 930 for $15K! / Or the individual that buys it, jump on it. Sounds like the current owner has put a lot of money into the car. Here are some details: Here is a gorgeous 1981 Porsche 930 Turbo which is ready to drive anywhere.  It recently had a turbo rebuild on 10-21-10 and is in perfect running order along with an oil and filter change.  The car is extremely fast and has good tires (about 80%) all the way around.  The car is Champagne exterior and Brown interior and the paint is very glossy and I would rate it 9.75 on a scale of 1 to 10.   The interior is very clean overall with no rips or tears in the front seats or rear jump seats.  The car would rate a 8 out of 10 as far as the interior goes.  The wipers,8000

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