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turbine Compressor housing

it has a turbine housing connection that does not allow for a bolton housing to be used. It does not have a divided housing so any t3 manifold can be used effectively with this turbo. It has the same compressor as the 7blade hx35. We don't know if te hy35 turbine wheel and housing is enough to reache the 60lb/min potential of the 56mm 7blade compressor. Some one try it out already!!! It should at least be a faster spooling viable option to the full t3/t4 50-trim. H1C/WH1C: In 1994, 1.44 A/R Compressor -Wheel: 108.0mm exd./80.8mm ind w/ 56 trim -Housing: .69 A/R Garrett's latest Dual Ball Bearing GT4094R Turbo assembly. T4 style inlet flange with 3.00 V-BAND exit. Large style compressor housing with 4.00 inlet and 2.50outlet. Great upgrade path (direct fit) for a GT4088R application or any new high HP application that desires the compact package. Good for up 850HP with great top end power and best spoolup for the power range. Turbine -Wheel: 77mm w/ 78trim -Housing: .85, due to its better top-end and better egt control. In properly setup twins this turbo is capable of supporing 600-650hp Ball Bearing Garrett GT5533R (aka GT55R) . Capable of close to 1600HP! Compressor wheel diameter is 133mm exd. / 91.2mm ind. (47trim) Compressor housing is .69 A/R has a 6 inlet and 3.5 outlet slip on connection. Turbine housing uses a T6 undivided inlet and 5 V-band outlet. Turbine -Wheel: 111.4mm w/ 84 trim -Housing: 1.0。

VERY durable compressors. The are designed to be overworked and underpaid. * There are discrepancies all over the web concerning the compressor maps. Take what you hear/read with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila, the designations are kg's per second and lbs per minute. HX50 0.75kg/s ~ 101lb/m HX60 0.95kg/s ~ 128lb/m HX80 1.3kg/s ~ 176lb/m HX82 1.5kg/s ~ 203lb/m Model Compressor Turbine Holset H1D 1.85 2.165 Holset H1D 1.969 2.165 Holset H1D/E 1.969 2.165 Holset H1D/E 2.047 2.165 Holset H1D/E 2.126 2.165 Holset H1C/E 2.126 2.244 Holset H1C/E 2.283 2.244 Holset H1C/E 2.126 2.362 Holset H1E 2.205 2.362 Holset H1E 2.283 2.362 TS04 2.300 3.304 60-1 2.324 3.000 Holset H1E 2.362 2.559 Holset HX40 2.362 2.559 T-61 2.382 3.544 62-1 2.441 3.000 Holset HX50 2.48 2.835 T-64 2.490 3.670 T-66 2.580 3.584 Holset HX50 2.638 3.031 Holset HX55 2.638 3.031 T-70 2.720 3.850 Holset HX55 2.835 3.031 HT-60 2.874 3.346 T-72 2.840 4.030 T-76 3.020 4.030 S510 Extended Tip Technology together with a Map Width Enhancement Groove allows this turbocharger to support one of the highest pressure ratios available today. This has the 132mm inducer compressor wheel which is rated at 160 lbs/min。

18cm NG。

need modified. 17cm WG is the smallest OE. HX55 67mm inducer exhaust housings: 20cm _____ HT3B 76mm inducer multiple wheels Exhaust housings. 20cm NG, 26cm NG, 350-625 HP is the comfort range for these turbos. The Borg-Warner Turbo Series features extremely durable and responsive chargers. After the initial quick spool-up, possibly interchange HX60 83mm No info. SSpeeDEMONSS 03-17-2011, you'll need a restrictor. The drain line is a garret bolt pattern. The feed line is different for different turbos.

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