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Hitachi turbocharger,hitachi turbo kits,hitachi supercharger

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Hitachi Turbocharger

HITACHI Turbocharger--Our Hitachi turbochargers  are mainly suit for Hitachi  construction machineries and equipments , like RHC6 RHC7 RHG6 RHB7 RHE6 TA51 T04E TBP4 etc. These Hitachi turbo kits can adapt to  work in the poor condition .
Original Turbo Make : MHI Turbo , Schwitzer Turbo , Garrett Turbo .
Buy Turbocharger Directly From TurboCharger Manufacturer .

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  • Hitachi Turbocharger

    Turbo ModelApplicationTurbo Part NO.Turbo OE NO.Remark

    Hitachi Turbo RHG6HITACHI EX230-6/ZX200/ZX230(ISUZU -6BG1T) 114400-3770IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHG6HITACHI EX300-71144003900IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC7HITACHI EX300-2/3 6SD1-TBD IHICIAQ 1144003140IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHE7HITACHI EX300-3C1144003340IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC7ISUZU 6SD1T1144003394IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC7ISUZU 6SD1T1144003394IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC7HITACHI EX300-1/HINO EP100 IHIGX7 24100-14400/VB250019 IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC7HINO24100-2311AIHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHB7Isuzu 6BD1 -T Sumitomo 280 LoaderIHICI12 NN170020 - VA150021 - VB150021-1144001070 IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC6Hitachi EX220-5/HO7V-TD 24100-3340AIHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHE6HITACHI EX200-5/6BG1TQA 114400-3320 / VA720015 IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC6HINO Water Cool24100-2201AIHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo RHC6Isuzu 6BD1 EX200-2 /3IHICI89 1144002720IHI Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo TA5108HITACHI EX400-1 GRBI-TPF466860-0005114400-2080Garrett Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo T04E63HINO EF750T-224100-3281AGarrett Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo TBP430HINO YF75479031-0003/742227-000124100-3301AGarrett Turbo

    Hitachi Turbo TBP431HINO T08C479039-0002 / 750852-0001/750852-5001S 24100-3331AGarrett Turbo

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