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Squires Turbo Systems

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The STS Turbo System is remote mounted, which is crucial for cooling the unit and keeping heat away from your engine's wires, hoses, and other key components. The remote system is easy to install, bolting onto factory mounts and leaving you more room around your engine. The turbo also sounds like an aftermarket performance muffler, and it never fails to turn heads.

The benefits of a turbo system over a supercharger are well known to many drivers, although not all. The turbo system uses flow and exhaust pressure instead of a belt-driven pulley, which generates more horsepower and torque. This also means that with a turbo system, there are no pulleys or belt changes to make. Turbo systems are quieter until you hit boost, plus they increase gas mileage rather than decrease it as a supercharger does.

Check out our many testimonials from drivers who now get the speed and sound they want without belts! The STS Remote Mounted Turbo will give you power you won't believe. Listen to a sound file or watch a video clip on our website of the turbo system that blows superchargers off the road.

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If your car, truck, or SUV is in need of a serious boost, then the STS Remote Mounted Turbo System is your secret weapon. In 2003, Rick Squires launched the turbo system that would quickly revolutionize the aftermarket performance industry. Cheered by pros, amateurs, and the hot rod press alike, the STS Remote Mounted Turbo System will give your engine a major boost.

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