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The Japanese MR2 FAQ :Part One

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MR2 Turbo FAQ Japanese MR2 Tu

but the likes of ECU upgradeswill increase the premium. , near Silverstone. Supply partsincluding MINES ECU's for MR2 Turbos, Modifications Fensport - Provide acomprehensive range of parts from intake and exhaust systems throughto rebuilt Turbos and bleed valves to increase the turbo boost. MRD- Mental RacingDevelopment. A range including uprated turbo wastegate actuators, Oxford - a number of IMOC-UK members have had Unichip ECUupgrades fitted and had them mapped on their rolling road. Alsospecalise in supplying reconditioned turbos, including up rated units. Gerald Dale Motorsport (as above) - One list member is having his300bhp 94 Turbo rebuilt aiming at 400bhp+ turboimports.com - a USbased website selling a wide range of devices including electronicboost controllers Powerstation -specalise in tuning for GT-4's but some of their knowledge of the3S-GTE turbo engine can be useful for the MR2 as well. TDI Development, PLC London - Specalise in performance tuning forJapanese imports. Option Motorsport - 01327 858555, and also import cars directlyfrom Japan. Note: Obviously great care is needed before embarking on any performanceupgrades - your car must be initially running trouble free as modifications willonly further expose any existing problems. Remember to check the insurance implications of any modifications!It is noted that the UK MR2DC insurance scheme run by the Dorset Insurance Groupdoes not penalise small modifications to MR2's,。

rebuilt turbos as well as their own body kits. Owen Developments。

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