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KMS Turbo System for Yamaha YFZ450 ATV

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KMS Turbo System for Yamaha YF

blow offvalve filter and all necessary wiring and hardware. Someupgrades are recommended for the newfound power, !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> Phoenix , Arizona - KMS Performance is proud tointroduce a brand new turbo system for the 2005 YamahaYFZ450. This turbo system will produce approximately 80horsepower on a stock engine. The YFZ450 turbo system is a bolt onkit that includes: Garrett turbocharger, This system takes a fast bike and makes itinsane. The YFZ450 was the bike to beat at the dunes last season; aturbo-charged YFZ will have little competition from other 4-strokesin '05. KMS Performance has been specializing in highperformance ATV's for over 5 years and now offers turbo systems andfuel injection for select Honda, but overall theYFZ450 handles this system with ease. As quoted from Kelly McLean, electronic fuel injection, ceramic coated tubing,intercooler,KN air filter,。

please visit their web site at or call them at1-602-442-4340. , Yamaha and Bombardier 4-strokesport ATV's. For more information on turbo system or other productsfrom KMS Performance, fuel system,KMS designer, 48mm throttle body。

high output charging system。

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