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Alco EMD GE Turbine Impeller For Locomotive Turbocharger Aftermarket Various on en.OFweek.com

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Alco EMD GE Turbine Impeller For Locomotive Turbocharger Aftermarket

Product Specifications/Features



Car Make:various

OE NO.:customization

name:Alco EMD GE turbine impeller for locomotive turbocharger aftermarket

Material:aluminum alloy

Casting process:cnc cast

Blank weight:0.1-10.0kg


State:Finish balance


Production mode:custom-made

Material test:Spectrometer

OEM service:available

1>Alco EMD GE turbine impeller for locomotive turbocharger aftermarket
2>industrial parts
4>cnc cast

Alco EMD GE turbine impeller for locomotive turbocharger atermarket

Company Information

Yili Precision Casting Co.Ltd

Products and Service:
1. Car and truck turbocharger parts 2. Marine and locomotive turbocharger parts
3. Aviation turbojet engine spare parts 4. Gas turbine, steam turbine parts
5. Oil, gas, chemical, pump, compressor parts
Produce process:
1. Lost wax investment casting 2. Vacuum casting
3. Five-axis CNC machining 4. Die casting
5. Silicon sol precision casting 6. Sodium silicate precision casting
7. Composite precision casting
Processing Services:
1. OEM service 2. Processing with supplied drawings
3. Processing with supplied sample
1. Sillicon sol 2. Metal casting 3. Heat treatment
Service scope:
1. Machinery 2. Aerospace 3. Road traffic 4. Energy 5. Automobile
6. War industry 7. Electric powerp


Business License GB/T 19001-2008 / ISO 9001-2008 Registration From For Foreign
Trade Manager

Product Description

Other products picture:

Casting & Machining Material



 Heat-resistant Alloy







Stainless Steel Alloy





Aluminum Alloy



Capacity Instruction
1.Sample precision field surveying and mapping , Complete custom processing.
2.According to the graphic drawing ,realize 3d modeling ,customized production.
3.The company built workshop 20000 m2, we have several professional engineer and inspector , production lines working at the same time , promise the products delivery on time .
4.When production ,we finish different testing include: Raw material inspection ,first products inspection, process inspection and final inspection , we make sure our customer receive qualified products.
our advantage on investment casting
1.Ten years Heat-resistant alloy Vacuum investment casting experience
2.Use pure silica sol processing to make the shell and choose America wax and Australian Zircon powder and sand.
3.Casting surface finishing degree is 1.6μm.
4.Strictly control and record the whole casting produce process , Promise every products our customer get is qualified.

Mainly Casting Equipment
1) Casting Furnace
25kg /40kg/100kg Medium Frequency Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace
200kg Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace
200kg Low-pressure Casting Furnace
2) Wax Injection Machine
35T Automatically Single-step Wax Injection Machine
20T&10T Automatically Double-step Wax Injection Machine
3)Drying Line
3-article Automatic Drying Line
Constant Roasting and Leaching Sand System
2-Area Temperature/Humidity Controlled Environment

Mainly Testing Equipment
Non-destructive Testing
1) Visual Inspection
2) Surface Defect testing----- FPT Fluorescent Penetrant Testing
3) Inside Defecting Testing---- Radiography Testing
4) Size Testing----- Germany ZEISS CMM

Destructive Testing
1) Tensile Strength Test----- Room/High Temperature Tensile Testing Machine
2) Creep Strength Test-----
Creep Tensile Testing Machine
3) Hardness Testing------
Rockwell Hardness Tester
4) Surface Grain Size Testing-----
Metallography Testing
5) Chemical Composition ------
Germany SPETRO Spectorgraph

Casting Machining
Machining Equipments
1) Japan MAZAK Five-axis Machining Center
2) Three-axis Strong Grinding Machine
3) Three-axis Machining Center
4) 800mm/650mm CNC Lathe
5) CNC line cutting Lathe
6) Common Lathe
7) Milling Machine

Five-axis Machining
Our company introduced Japanese Sanchi MAZAK five-axis linkage CNC machining center VARIAXIS i-700.

                                                 Machining information

Max Machining Diameter


Max Machining Height




Max Machining Weight

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