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Porsche Cayman S TURBO BR Racing Blog

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Porsche Cayman S TURBO

There seems to be a trend in the projects that we see.  Some are done for track use.   Some are done for looks, esthetics.  But, some….like this, are done for the pure pleasure of POWER.  Fast is good, but faster is always better.  The exhilaration that can come from mashing the “go” pedal, and being thrust into the back of the seat, I can barely hang on feeling.  The wail of the exhaust that almost matches the wail from your lungs.  The smile that never seems to leave your face…..and causes others to worry about your joy to just drive to the local grocery store.

That is this project.

Porsche builds great cars….and the Cayman S is a great car.  Refined balance, mid engined, race honed handling, brick wall stopping power….but, since this is a decent of the 911, it can’t beat the 911 on power….at least not in stock trim from Porsche.  But, that’s why there are aftermarket suppliers…to fill the gaps, better the breed, enhance and push the envelope.


One well known Porsche developer who has seen that opportunity and pursed it is TPC Racing.  They have developed a TURBO kit for the Porsche Cayman S and Boxster S.  A simple pursuit of power in the form of more HP….from the base of 330HP, a good gain would be 20%, maybe 25%, even 30%…….but, how about a leap to 485HP or nearly 50%…….WOW……like, WOW.  In a streetable, daily driver form.  This has to be some really good stuff…..

This system transforms the Porsche Cayman/Boxster from a fairly capable sportscar, into a supercar killer.  Porsche owners all have one thing in common; high expectations for their vehicle’s performance; and with the TPCRacing CaymanS Turbo kit, their expectations have been matched and exceeded.

Here is what the kit entails –

TPC Racing Turbo Kit for the 2006-2008 Porsche Cayman/Boxster 2.7L-3.4L

The TPCRacing CaymanS Turbo Kit employs a single turbo setup. The turbocharger used was specially designed to provide maximum power with fast spooling. In this application they have harnessed this turbocharger’s mighty potential to force only 4.5lbs of boost into the stock CaymanS engine. Boost was restricted to 4.5lbs to preserve the motor’s reliability. Smooth operation and the vehicle’s longevity are two of their primary focuses when producing a forced induction kit.

In order to cool the massive amount of compressed air being fed into the Cayman’s engine, TPCRacing employs a liquid-to-air intercooler setup for maximum efficiency and ultimate power. This system works in conjuction with the OEM front center mount radiator (which is in the front of the car, while all this fine hardware and elements are predominantly going into the rear of the car).  Whether you are facing hours of stop and go traffic, desert heat, or a weekend at the track; the liquid-to-air intercooler setup used in the TPCRacing CaymanS Turbo Kit will effectively manage intake air temperature.

The TPCRacing CaymanS Turbo Kit completely replaces the stock exhaust system excluding the exhaust manifolds/catalytic converters. The exhaust included with the TPCRacing CaymanS Turbo Kit produces a healthy rumble that will give you goosebumps. They went through many different designs during R&D to come up with a muffler setup that would produce an excellent tone while being perfect streetable. During normal driving conditions the exhaust maintains itself at a nice low rumble, but when the throttle is cracked open those around will know for sure that this is no ordinary Cayman. Made with aircraft grade stainless steel and polished to a shine, the exhaust in this kit provides an attractive and aggressive, sound and appearence with ZERO drone or resonance.

The kit and installation are quite straight forward, but there are a few parts to be installed, and ALL parts of the car are affected….front bumper, front radiators, center tunnel section, engine intake, engine injectors, exhaust, oil cooling, exhaust, extra support and brackets, wiring, software…..the only thing we didn’t use from the kit was the license plate frame (we used the BRracing frame obviously).


Start by taking the front and rear bumper covers off the car.



Given that this is a true “mid-engine” car, access to the main parts of the engine are not easy, and require an ongoing shift between the top of the car and the bottom of the car.  But, the main effort here is to get the airbox and intake manifold pieces off, as these will need to be altered to work with the new system.


Here is the intake box after the alteration …..you need a BIG saw to do this well……but we enjoy playing with big, powerful saws  

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