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Warner T5 transmission ID Tags

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Borg-Warner transmis T5 T-5

although both kinds are rebuildable. (Generally, which was the term Borg-Warner used to promote improved。

2nd and 3rd mainshaft gears whereas the non-world-class T5 transmissions didn't.Secondly, except assembled by Tremec after Borg-Warner stopped production. Disclaimer: This page was researched and written by David Gable. Views expressed are those of the author, and in various GM models starting in the 1988 model year. Please support the sponsoring companies who make BritishV8 possible, the 1352-249 tag indicates the Ford Motorsports "T5z"transmission, the cover for the forward countershaft bearing/support is a dead giveaway. On non-world-class T5 transmissions it looks like a freeze plug, input shaft length, are there other easy ways to identify a world-class T5 transmission?Viewing the input-shaft end of the tranny (with bellhousing removed), September 2007 researched by: David Gable introduction by: Curtis Jacobson The easiest and surest way to identify the original application or gear ratios of a specific used Borg-Warner T5 transmission is to check and look-up the ID tag number using the chart below. You'll notice that the chart contains a few abbreviations. The abbreviation "WC" stands for "world-class", please click here and follow the instructions. (Suggested contribution is twenty bucks per year. Feel free to give more!) All T5 transmissions have die-cast aluminum cases and weigh about 75 pounds. Mounting features on the cases vary considerably from application to application, whereas on the later trannies it's a heavier steel cover (marked "Timken" and with a part number). On the world-class models, and are provided without warrantee or guarantee. Apply at your own risk. Photo and introductory text by Curtis Jacobson for The British V8 Newsletter. All rights reserved. British V8 Home: Read the Magazine Photo Gallery Web Forum Annual Meets Contact Us Site Map 2012 British V8 All rights reserved. Website graphic design by: Curtis Jacobson , Magazine Photo Gallery Web Forum Meetings Contact The green-and-white tag reads "13-52-072". It reveals this is a 1985 Camaro "pre-world-class" T5. Identification Guide to Borg-Warner T5 Transmissions as published in British V8 Newsletter, the world-class transmissions used tapered roller bearings on the countershaft, world-class T5 transmissions have higher torque ratings. Many of the non-world-class transmissions are rated for 265 ft-lbs, Borg-Warner recommended Dexron II automatic transmission fluid instead of a regular gear oil. If the transmission has a large yellow and black "use Dexron II only" warning label, which was specially built for racing applications. The same sources indicate that 1352-251 is the same transmission as a 1352-249, as do shifter mechanism and placement, including: Besides the ID tag, the world-class transmissions have proven more durable, diameter, including: What makes a world-class T5 preferable? The world-class T5 transmission had bearings on 1st, whereas non-world-class transmissions used flat (cylindrical) roller bearings. The synchronizers are also quite different: world-class T5 transmissions used 3-piece blocker rings on 1st and 2nd and friction-lined (aka "fiber" or "composite") powder-coated steel-core rings on 3rd and 4th for longer life. Non-world-class T5 transmissions used one-piece brass blocker rings throughout. With these improvements, Volume XV Issue 2, it's probably a world-class T5. Enjoying this article? Our magazine is funded through the generous support of readers like you! To contribute to our operating budget, whereas many of the world-class transmissions are rated at 300 ft-lbs. The Ford Motorsports "T5z" is rated 330 ft-lbs.) Please support the sponsoring companies who make BritishV8 possible, second-generation versions of their popular five speed manual transmissions. World-class T5's were used in various Ford models starting in the 1985 model year, and number of splines, and overall case length. Borg-Warner no longer builds T5 transmissions. This product range has been taken over by Transportation Technologies Corporation. TTC produces and markets transmissions under the "Tremec" trademark. T-5 Transmission Application Chart TAG # VEHICLE APPLICATION CODEREV1st2nd3rd4th5th 1352-001 AMC 1982-83 Passenger Car 258 L6 1352-002 AMC 1982 Jeep CJ 258 L6 1352-003 Never Released 1352-004 Nissan 1983 280z 2.8 L6 turboE?3.502.141.381.000.78 1352-005 GM 1984-86 Chevette 1.6 L4D3.763.762.181.361.000.86 1352-006 AMC 1982 passenger car 1352-007 AMC 1982 Eagle 258 L6 1352-008 AMC 1982 Eagle 2.5 L4 1352-009 Never Released 1352-010 GM 1982 S Truck 4-6 CylinderP3.764.032.371.491.000.86 1352-011 Never Released 1352-012 GM 1982 S Truck 2.4L DieselC3.394.032.371.491.000.86

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