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Turbo diesel problems Chevy

adding power means generating more heat. Pre-'97 motors had problems with burning through head gaskets in the rear-most cylinders from too much heat, but if you're adding more fuel with marine injectors you will want more air in the cylinders as well to be able to burn it, injectors will help get you extra HP。

you will need a higher numbered calibration resistor for it to get you more fuel. Your truck came from the factory with a #4, First thing is you need to check the timing of the fuel injection pump, the reason why marine injectors give improved performance is that they let you use that much more fuel and are not regulated for federal highway emissions standards. You could get a whole lot of extra power but that doesn't mean your mileage will be all that great or you will pass a smog test. Remember, 5 or 6 chip (9 is the highest for on-highway vehicles) but you will need a resistor from a marine FSD of around #15 or more to get you the fuel delivery you need. Good news and bad news - the good news is a new calibration resistor only runs about $20.00. The bad news is if your FSD is still mounted to your fuel injection pump then it's incredibly difficult to remove the old resistor (which lives inside the wiring harness connector to the FSD) and replace it with a new one. There is still some debate as to when the ECM looks at the resistor value, but is seen with a host of other modifications as well (or at least a few others). Second,000 km injectors on my 94 6.5 GM diesel - I have a brand new motor with less than 5000 km on it. I see claims of 40 hp gains [quoted text clipped - 3 lines] goryZ33554QQitemZ8016438491QQrdZ1 THE 6.5 THAT HAD A CRACKED PISTON.WELL WE INSTALLED A 94 6.5 IN THE TRUCK BUT WE CAN'T GET IT TO RUN RIGHT.WE INSTALLED NEW MARINE INJECTORS BEFORE WE PUT IT IN.THE TRUCK WILL NOT IDLE RIGHT HAS A MISS IN IT.WE PUT THE PUMP FROM THE 95 MOTOR BUT IT DID NOT HELP.THANKS KINGPIN

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