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Garrett Turbo Identification

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Turbo garrett Identification

  • How to Mate Turbo_T_SERIES_4/201204/05/174.html">Garrett Turbo to Exhaust Housing

    Automotive turbochargers, including those manufactured by Garrett, mount directly to the exhaust manifold housing. The turbo's exhaust wheel features a square ...

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    Hot rod enthusiasts can attest to the popularity of the Turbo 350 transmission. The TH350 (Turbo Hydromatic 350) was a transmission developed...

  • The Garrett TP-38 Turbo Specifications

    The Garrett TP-38 Turbo Specifications. From its beginnings in 1936 Los Angeles with Cliff Garrett forming a company to produce turbochargers, the...

  • Garrett Turbochargers
  • Garrett AiResearch, which manufactured turbochargers and turboprop engines, was founded by John Clifford Garrett in 1936. In 1962, a Garrett turbocharger became the first turbo used in a production automobile, the Oldsmobile Jetfire Rocket.

  • Garrett Turbo Specs

    Garrett Turbo Specs. Automotive part manufacturer Garrett provides a wide selection of turbocharger kits for just about every conceivable motor application. Many...

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    Interstate Motels in Garrett County, MD. Garrett County is the on the western edge of Maryland and borders Pennsylvania and West Virginia....

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  • The part number of a Garrett turbocharger consists of six digits, followed by a dash and more digits. The Garrett T series part number is usually on the turbo body or on a small plate affixed to the turbo. The Garrett GT series part number is usually on the compressor housing or a small nameplate affixed to it. The characters P/N will be in front of the Garrett part number.

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    Turbochargers make engines more powerful.

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  • Photo Credit old engine image by John Sfondilias from Fotolia.com
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    The T-25 is a turbocharger manufactured by the Garrett brand of Honeywell International Inc. The turbocharger is better known as the GT-25....

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    Turbochargers create more power by increasing the pressure of air entering an engine. A turbine and a compressor on a shared shaft make up a turbocharger. The compressor is powered by the turbine, using the engine's own exhaust gasses.

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