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Holset Engineering Company, Limited Patents

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Holset Engineering Company Lim


Holset Engineering Company, Limited


Huddersfield, GB

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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued

7686586 Compressor March 30, 2010

A compressor comprises an impeller (1) provided with a plurality of radial blades (4). The impeller (1) has an inducer diameter defined by the outer diameter of front edges (5) of the blades (4), and an outer diameter defined by the outer diameter of the blade tips (6). Each blade (4) is

7677040 Turbocharger with wastegate March 16, 2010

An actuator rod (17) for a turbocharger pressure control assembly comprises a first elongate portion (17a) defining a first rod end and a second portion (17b) defining a second rod end. The first and second portions are pivotally joined to one another to allow a degree of relative pi

7628580 Variable geometry turbine December 8, 2009

A variable geometry turbine comprises a housing defining a chamber within which a turbine wheel is mounted. The chamber has an annular inlet having a width defined between side walls of the housing. An array of vanes is mounted within the inlet, each vane having a length extending across

7229243 Compressor June 12, 2007

A compressor for compressing a gas comprises an impeller wheel (1) mounted within a housing (2) defining an inlet and an outlet (6). The inlet comprises an outer tubular wall (7) extending away from the impeller wheel in an upstream direction and forming a gas intake portion (8) of t

7140849 Variable geometry turbine November 28, 2006

A variable geometry turbocharger comprises a turbine wheel (20) mounted within a turbine housing (23) on one end of a turbocharger shaft (22) for rotation about a turbocharger axis. The turbine housing (23) defines an annular turbine inlet (36) around the turbine wheel (20). A compressor

6931849 Variable geometry turbine August 23, 2005

A variable geometry turbine having a inlet passageway defined between a moveable wall member and a radial wall. The moveable wall member is moveable to vary the width of the inlet passageway. At least one bypass passage is formed in one of the moveable wall member and an adjacent ann

6779971 Turbine August 24, 2004

A turbine in which a turbine wheel is mounted in a housing between an inlet and an outlet. Rotatably mounted vanes are located in the inlet and coupled by linkages to an actuator which is displaceable relative to the vanes so as to control the angular orientation of the vanes relative to

6776574 Variable geometry turbine August 17, 2004

A variable geometry turbine in which a turbine wheel is mounted to rotate about a pre-determined axis within a housing. A sidewall is displaceable relative to a surface of the housing to control the width of a gas inlet passage defined adjacent the wheel between the sidewall and the hous

5183381 Variable geometry turbine inlet wall mounting assembly February 2, 1993

A mounting assembly for a movable annular wall member of an inlet passageway of a variable geometry turbine. The inlet passageway is defined between the movable wall and a facing wall. The wall member is formed from a sheet material and is supported on a plurality of pins which extend

4779423 Variable area turbocharger turbine and control system therefor October 25, 1988

A turbocharger is provided with a system for varying the effective area of the turbine, as a predetermined function of engine rpm. The function comprises a maximum area first portion (I) at high rpms, a second minimum area portion (II) at lower rpms and an intermediate third portion (III

4763474 Control system for a variable inlet area turbocharger turbine August 16, 1988

A pneumatic control system for the variable area turbine inlet of a turbocharger of an internal combustion engine. The variable turbine inlet is actuated by a pneumatic actuator having a first connection to compressor boost pressure and a second connection to turbine inlet pressure.

4761608 In use position measuring device calibration August 2, 1988

The disclosure illustrates a self calibrating control system for a variable area turbocharger incorporating a pneumatic actuator having a limiting position achieved at low actuating pressure levels. The calibration takes place by monitoring the demanded actuator signal. If it stays at a

4743161 Compressors May 10, 1988

The disclosure illustrates a range improvement feature for a compressor wheel in which a chamber adjacent the inlet is separated from the outer periphery of the impeller wheel vanes by a wall through which communication is established between the chamber and the impeller wheel. Commu

4655040 Wastegate valve for internal combustion engine turbocharger April 7, 1987

A wastegate valve for an internal combustion engine turbocharger comprising a housing, a valve head carried by a valve stem and arranged to cooperate with a valve seat. The valve stem is mounted in a valve guide for movement between a position in which the valve head and seat cooperate t

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