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Holset 14cm Turbine Housing HX35, WHIC, Wastegated.

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Holset 14cm Turbine Housing HX

going with more fuel, Hello,。

someone might have one of these used housings around after upgrading to a better turbo like a Switzer. J , HX-35 and WH1C. I'm looking to lower my EGT's a little and need this for a final modification for an upcoming local strip race/run, already 1200*F EGT on run. Thanks, hope you can help, I'm looking for a Wastegated 14cm Turbine Housing for Holset/Cummins Turbo's. This housing is the housing that fits 2nd Generation Dodge Cummins 5.9L Turbo Engines. This housing will fit H1C center cartridges。

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