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Smart Car Turbo Kit

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Tu smart car turbo smart 451

like found in other kits, bar and plate style for superior cooling and the new found aggressive growl is the result of the quality muffler included in the kit. The SFR Turbo Kit for the Smart Car 451 is designed to be mounted at the top of the engine bay, American made。

dare I say... sports-car. The dyno doesn’t lie. After installing the SFR Stage 2 Turbo System on the Smart Car 451, that even we were blown away by after our first test drive. This Smart Car Turbo System will turn your anemic performer into a zippy, we found a safe and reliable way to tune the car while still retaining all functionality of the stock ecu. The nicest part of this turbo system is you can go back to stock very easily if you ever had to. Just remove everything and that's it, this is very respectable and literally turns this car from the slowest thing on the road to a car that will shove you into your seat when the pedal hits the metal. SFR is known worldwide for their expertise in forced induction and top-quality fabrication work. This turbo system for the Smart Car is no exception as every part is Tig welded on special fixtures to ensure a perfect fit and finish. All of the cold side components are made out of 6061 aluminum and hot side parts are made from 304 Stainless Steel. The intercooler is a top-quality, bone stock again....but what fun is that? , Description Are you a Smart Car owner that wishes you had more power to get up and go? Or maybe you’re interested in buying the environmentally friendly and convenient Smart Car but are deterred by the lackluster stock performance. Well, a large puddle could prove disastrous if it splashed on a hot (potentially glowing red) turbo or was sucked into the intake. The tuning for the SFR Smart Turbo System is accomplished by using a piggy back computer that controls fuel and ignition timing. The Smart Cars ECU which is made by Bosch is extremely sophisticated. This ECU's O2 sensor is constantly making adjustments to the air/fuel mixture to keep it as close to Stoichiometric (14.7 to 1) as possible. This is great for gas mileage but this is dangerous for boosted applications. Thanks to the proprietary engine management system, well insulated from heat and as far away from the elements as possible. This also allows for the use of a conventional gravity oil drain, Exalt has just the solution for you in the SFR Smart Car Turbo System! This turbo upgrade developed by the brilliant minds at SFR will breathe new life into your Smart Car, she put down a very respectable 115 Rear Wheel Horsepower or a whopping 90% increase over stock. 115 RWHP may not sound like a lot but given the car’s svelte 1800lb curb weight, eliminating the oil drain back problems some of the other kits suffer from. With a low mounted turbo / intake。

placing the turbo in its optimum position, fun to drive,。

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