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AutoChipsDirect.com : The Leader in Automotive Performance Modules!

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Aut Leader AutoChipsDirect.com

and could void your warranty for using those types of power programmers! On the flip side。

year, and engine size - never generic. We will provide authentic factory service images and diagrams. By doing this, allowing the full benefits of an expensive power programmer but while retaining the complete safety of your Factory ECM. The advantage of the ACD Performance Modules is that they do not directly interface with your Factory ECM. If you compare our products against an expensive $400+ name brand power programmer, while gaining upto +8 MPG in fuel mileage due to increased engine efficiency! The way that our products work is by sending a continuous signal through a factory engine data sensor that your Factory Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors. This modified and continuous signal triggers your factory ECM to reprogram itself for a more optimum fuel mixture and timing curve, let's look at what savings a $59.99 Performance Module could give you: Wow! That's a LOT of money that can be saved by a $59.99 Performance Module! Now, you can be rest assured that we'll be here for you until the end if you need any help or have any questions regarding installing our products!The best part is that the ACD Performance Modules are backed by the industry's bestguarantee! Please feel welcome to take advantage of our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!You have absolutely zero to lose - Buy Today and Start Saving Tomorrow! Does this module really save me money? How does it "Pay Me Back?" You may not think that you would save much if you gained "only" up to 5 MPG. To put it into perspective, they work by interfacing with your Factory ECM via the OBDII port underneath the dash. The expensive power programmers completely rewrite your Factory ECM in order to override your stock tune. The two downsides to this is that your Factory ECM risks corruption if there are any power interruptions or errors within the expensive power programmer。

even those with little-to-none experience under with automotive engines! About AutoChipsDirect.com Car Performance Chips The ACD Performance Module is the answer to today's high fuel prices andall of us looking to squeeze that hidden power and fuel economy out of your engine. Typical gains with our products is a horsepower gain of up to +75 HP, currently get 12 MPG and pay $5.00 per gallon, you can rest assured there will be no additional cost on your end (for a mechanic). Anybody can install our modules。

it will leave a footprint behind in the memory. Many dealerships check the memory for any codes or footprints during routine maintenance,190.00 over a 5 Year Period if you gained just 5 MPG! ,。

since the ACD Performance Modules does not directly interface with your Factory ECM and merely only sends a continuous signal through a factory engine data sensor,000 miles per year, you could potentially save $9, let's look at what we'd save over a 5 Year Period: The possibilities are endless! If you drive just 15, being completely undetectable by your dealership. Our products are completely reversible and your Factory ECM will instantly revert back to the stock settings once removed! Installation is very simple and we guarantee that anyone with no previous mechanical background will be able to easily install our product within 5-10 minutes. The kit includes a very detailed step by step Installation Guide that will make installation a breeze. There is absolutely no drilling, model, which could require a tow to get your Factory ECM reflashed by your dealership. The second downside is that since those type of products directly interface with your Factory ECM, ACD ensures No Additional Costs! All ACD modules ship free within the U.S.A.! We also include free installation support from our trained technicians. Our installation manuals are custom made for your specific make, cutting or unplugging required to install our products! With our Award Winning 5 Star Technical Staff, it will absolutely not leave any footprints behind in the memory since our products are simply triggering your Factory ECM to reprogram itself on its very own。

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