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Volvo 740/940 Tuning Guide

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Turbo Engine VOLVO tuning

ENEM and IPD and can give 25bhp ona standard motor. Low Pressure (LPT) High PressureTurbo (HPT) - The Differences The engine are exactly the same except for thewastegate setting is different and the ECU map is different.Mechanically they are identical. Volvo 740/940 Tuning -Transmission There are loads of autos about but for power youwant a manual. The one you want is the M90 and this was fitted to all700 900s after 1994. The older M47 will struggle with 250bhp. The M90scan take 4-500bhp and the 97-98 boxes are particularly tough. The problem with the M90 box is that you have touse a flywheel from the M47 box as the M90s dual mass flywheel canttake the power. The M47 flywheel needs to be used in conjunction withthe Tdi M90 clutch plate and the M47 clutch cover. The combo will handle300bhp. Volvo axles are famous for their strength. Some ofthe Volvo diffs were limited slip versions, they are both as tuneable as each other. The 3rd version ofthe B230FT had very strong cranks but the rods will be at their limit at350bhp. Luckily forged rods are available form the states for the 198GBPand they can hold 700bhp. The forged rods can be available in standardlength or in an 8m longer version. This is so you can choose betweenstandard pistons and forged versions. There are no reports of theseVolvo engine cranks snapping so there is no need to go down the forgedroute here. If you want to increase the capacity of the 2.3litreversions the crank from the Volvo Penta marine engine can be used withstandard length rods. This will give a 2.5litre capacity but you willneed to change the pistons and there is a 3mm difference in compressionheight. Pistons are available from StenParnerMotor.se. Volvo 740/940 Tuning - CylinderHead 300bhp is available with an 8 valve head simply byupping the boost. However porting the head will allow to same poweroutput to be made with less boost. The best head to start with is the 531, AF meter and boost controller the motor willbe up to 220-250bhp. US Ford Thunderbird Brown injectors are a straightswap and so are 850 T5-R 390cc injectors. All Volvo turbos use the same inlet and exhaustsizes. For the cheapest upgrades the S70 uses an 18T turbo and a C70uses a 19T. For an aftermarket turbo the Garrett GT35 is goodfor 500bhp. If your using the 8 valve head the post 1990 items aresupposed to be good for +10bhp. 280bhp is the limit for the M-Spec cam, air filter,。

the right turbo and a 16valve head with double valve springs and500bhp is a reality. StrikeEngine SEARCH ENGINE - Car Sites ONLY Try it, but not as good as the 531. For the ultimate cylinder head 16valves is the wayto go. 16valve heads can be found on the normally aspirated 155bhpversion. If you go down this route the Volvo Penta AQ171 timing belttensioner can be used along with pockets machined into the standard8valve pistons. A custom turbo manifold will also need to be made up.The differences between an 8 valve head and a 16 valve head? For 500bhpfrom the 8 valve head you need 48mm inlet valves and 40mm exhaust valvesand a wild cam. For 500bhp from the 16valve head you need double valvesprings. Everything else can be left stock. For the 8 valve head there are a number of camoptions available. The most basic change is to swap out the M-Spec camfound on late 940 turbos to the cam found on early 740 turbos which wasa bit wilder. Avoid NA cams. Cam manufacturers for these Volvo turbomotors can be found from KG Trimming, RelatedPages: Directory Home Volvo 740/940 TurboTuning Volvo 740/940 Tuning - Engines Only concern yourself with the 2litre and 2.4litreturbo models. They are both based on the he B23 block which was firstbrought in in the 70s. While the engine stayed largely the same thereare some key differences which are crucial to know about if your lookingat power outputs higher than 250brake. The most important difference come in the bottomend, theearlier A-Spec cam from the 740 is a good low cost upgrade.Alternatively cams from he companies listed above are also good. At300bhp a bigger intercooler would be a good upgrade. After 350bhp newrods are required and so is a new ECU. A mappable stand alone ECU will give completeadjustability for any power upgrade. Coupled with forged pistons, sorting the breathingbrings big gains. A 3 inch bore system should be used as this willalso have enough flow for bigger power increases in he future.Volvo intercoolers are renowned for being massive and are fine up to300bhp. Keeping a close idea on your engines health isimportant so invest in a quality boost gauge as the standard one is crapand also get an A/F meter to get an idea of how rich your mixture. Leanmixtures will destroy ANY engine. After 200bhp the LF ecu needs to be reprogrammed.Freds Chip is a plug in item and will increase boot to 15psi. Combinedwith exhaust, let alone 500. The second version was lightly stronger but stillsuffered from con rod problems. In 1989 the third evolution was releasedand this reverts to using the 13mm con rods. The 3rd version has nodistinguishing features from the 2nd version but there is a date stampon the block and cylinder head. If the motor your looking at is madeafter 1993 it will also have a piston cooling oil spray bar. Of these engines a 2litre and 2.3litre versionavailable。

but only below 25mph. To getaround this the diff can be modified to disable the governor. For theideal solution is TruTrack LSD can be bought from the states for 250GBPas this is the same axle found in Jeeps. Volvo 740/940 Tuning - EngineTuning Post 1990 740 and 940 cars can be taken past200bhp with s simple boost hike from 7psi to 12psi. This can be donewith simple manual boost controller. Post 1990 740s and 940s moved to Bosch LH Jetronic2.2 management and after to 2.4 which is more adaptable. The LH ECUsconstantly learn and can therefore automatically adapt to higher boostlevels. The 2.4 ecu is compatible with the 2.2 model.

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