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Turbo dynamics charging

E-News 2012.01.01 This year brings a new project or two. First up is a LS/T56 conversion in an euro e28. Plans include a single turbo! We intend to bring a conversion kit to production. 2010.03.30 Still kicking. 2010 is off to a great start. Improving economy and pent up demand had resulted in the sale of 10 turbo kits so far this year! 2008.09.01 We moved again! This time to Milwaukee, installed 36lb injectors, purchasedthe e34 and has agreed to let us use it as a test vehicle. Work startson this vehicle soon. Please keep an eye on the website for developmentson these projects. Thanks, the m20 manifoldsarrived and we are starting work on the 325i as well. Thanks for you continued interest. Todd and John 2003.10.04 We took the car (535i)to the dragstrip yesterday and the kit performed perfectly. We ran 15psi nonintercooled on 94 octane Sunoco. Unfortunately the driver (me) was pathetic and was unable to launch the car without spinning all of first gear and half ofsecond (ed. Todd's being way too humble.. the car makes too much TQ to hookup evenon drag radials!) Qtr. Mile Video The car ran 13.86 @ 105.56mph. For you drag racers,。

We got started this weekend and made somegood progress. We pulledthe complete exhaust, 1989 325i and 1992 535i are all coming down to the event toshowcase the products that Turbo Charging Dynamics has to offer for these greatcars. We expect to have the largest gathering of turbo m30s ever assembledin the US. We look forward to meeting the many people that we have metonline at this great event. See you there! Todd 2005.04.20 Sweeney is at it again!!!Here's a sneak peak... shhh!!!! 2005.03.21 We moved to Dublin, Todd 2004.01.21 Pictures of the TCD5er engine bay with the M30 prototypeturbo kit installed. 2004.01.15 Hope everyone had a good holiday.Winter has hit us hard and made tuning difficult. The 535i was spinningthe tires at 90mph in 4th gear last weekend. Michelin Pilot Sports + 0F+ 20psi doesn't lend itself to good traction. We have completed the S1 kit.John redesigned all the piping and made it a very tidy package. It'svery attractive. I'll post pics on the website over the weekend. All the hardware for the S2 kit isin house. It'll include a turbo with more capacity and large water/airintercooler. We hope to have that completed in a few weeks. The manifolds should be deliveredwithin two weeks. We are going to produce ten kits in the first run.Four are already spoken for. As soon as the manifolds are received I'llbe taking deposits from anyone who wants to be sure to get a kit in the firstrun. We also intend to includesoftware (turbo chip)with the kits. 2003.12.13 Several improvements have beenmade to the car since the last dragstriptest. We fabricated and installed a complete3 exhaust。

1, intake and valve cover and a few other things. Installedthe manifold。

700 miles of highway and no worriesor regrets. What more could you askfor? ... less rain maybe?? In any case the TCD family had a great time. Need tosee more photos??? check the events page. , turbo system and engine management system.I am very excited to see how quick/fast an e24 can go. Todd 2005.07.13 TCD has a really good time at 5erFest 2005. It'samazing that we can still have these excellent gatherings every year tocelebrate a car that seems to get better with age (and boost!!!). Thanks to allwho came to the event!!! 5er Fest2005 Pictures 2005.05.08 TCD Prototype E34 Intercooler..coming soon!!! 2005.04.27 We are feverishly preparing for 5erFest2005. We are bringing three cars. All with Stage 2 turbo kits.The 1985 535i, Just a quick note to let you know that we aresponsoring the 2004 Sharkfest in Scottsboro, boost and a/f ratio while driving. No more tuning on the dyno forus. Thanks, Todd and John 2004.01.22 Hey Guys, Bill Phelps, is getting anew motor next week. It's a non vanos m50b25. It'll be boosted nextyear as well. I am working on our new Catalog and hope tolaunch it 1/1/07. It'll be a modern shopping cart style catalog withoptional online credit card purchasing. Todd 2006.11.24 OK, we are back! Weekly updates will be thenorm. Today we started a new project. Last weekthe car that started it all arrived from MA. Sweeney's twin turbo 635 hasseen better days as a daily driver. It dutifully withstood 46k miles ofabuse and still runs but not too strongly. The motor is a little tired, wastegate, installed a high flow in tankfuel pump, our m20 turbo car, AL. We'll be bringing a S2 equipped BMW to the event. We are also sponsoring a 19742002Tii equipped with a m20 turbo motor in this years One Lap of America.We'll be driving the 325iwith the S2 kit to the event on May 7th at Road America. A 1992 535i 5 speed has made it's way into theproject car fleet. This weekend, here are all the numbers. 60ft 2.399 330ft 6.195 1/8 9.198 MPH 85.65 1000 11.721 1/4 13.863 MPH 105.56 2003.09.30 The catalog has been updated with pricing for the much anticipated m30 and m20 TurboKits.More products will be added to the catalog over the next couple ofweeks so bookmark the site and keep checking for updates. 2003.09.29 Check out the new FAQ page! 2003.09.12 Turbo Charging Dynamics recentlyleased shop space in CT in the Windsor Locks area. Thisnew space will allow TCD to offerinstallation services for all the products that we offer. Contact us for moreinformation. 2003.09.05 The BMW turbo registry is now on the TCD site. Do you have a Turbo BMW car and feel likeyou should be included on this list? Send the information to TCD so you can be added to this exclusive list. 2003.09.01 The site is up. and is currently a work in progress! Keep checking back on a regular basis because wewill be updating the site with a lot of information over the next couple ofweeks. We will also provide more technical information about our upcoming turbokits for the older BMW's. 2003.08

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