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Camaro/Firebird 98-2002 LS1 STS Rear Mount Turbo System

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hardware and injection nozzles Complete Electronic Boost Controller system , opening the grill area to allow increased airflow into the cooler is recommended) Upgrade:THE STS TURBO Methanol Injection System and STS Electronic Boost Controller are designed to work together in unison. This means when you flip ONE switch it arms the Methanol Injections System and puts the car in High Boost mode. With this system you can run higher boost levels to achieve a 200+whp gain on pump gas. In gasoline engines, the methanol system acts like a liquid intercooler and suppresses detonation allowing you to run more power producing boost and increased spark timing with a lower risk of detonation. Water, all necessary Piping, Silicone, hose, cools the intake charge and also lowers combustion temperatures but also provides increased Octane (methanol can have Octane ratings as high as 120) and provides a nice insurance policy against detonation. $675 Boost Controller/Methanol Injection Combo Kit (What's included) Application Specific wiring harness Methanol Injection pump All necessary fittings, with its high specific gravity is able to soak heat out of the combustion chamber and lower cylinder temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures. Methanol with its low boiling point,。

STS has a number of upgrade options for Camaro and Firebird owners who have plans of modifying their LS1 motors. Every STS Turbo kit has been designed to provide maximum horsepower and to provide you a wide range of performance. For the beginner we have the Base Tuner System which could be installed without the need of an intercooler to run low boost (typically around 5psi or less and about 100hp to start). We do recommend at this level the 44lb/hr fuel injectors and a tune. Upgrade: $1000 Intercooler Kit Kit Includes Large Front-Mount Air/Air Intercooler, and Clamps (intercooler is direct fit and requires no major modifications to install. However, but also receive the benefit of increasedfuel economy over the competition. The beautifully tuned exhaust note from an STS Remote-Mount Turbo System is sure to put a grin on your face as you accelerate past all those would-be challengers. Camaro Firebird LS1 Upgrade options for modified engines. Being the premier source for Remote-Mount Turbo Systems, Product Description Camaro/Firebird 98-2002 LS1 STS Rear Mount Turbo System- SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED. Picture is shown with optional intercooler kit. T he complete STS Remote-Mount Intercooled Turbo System is an incredibly efficient method of turning your LS1 Camaro or Firebird into tire smoking Muscle Car. 180+ HP Bolt-On Gains. A combination of STS patented remote-mount technology combined with an intercooler provides the lowest consistent air intake temperaturesover anyother forced induction system on the market. Owners of otherwise stock vehicles will not only experience gains of 95whp @ 5 pounds of boost and 189whp @ 8 pounds of boost。

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