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Replace Fuel Level Sensor On 2007 Nissan Frontier

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sensor Fuel Level 2007 Replace

Freestar, causing an open or high resistance on the fuel sender card. ACTION Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. For vehicles with customer symptom of erratic fuel gauge operation (with no MIL on)。

SEE TSB 06-14- 10. NOTE: LEAKS MAY BE MISDIAGNOSED AS COMING FROM THE PAN GASKET. ALWAYS FOLLOW WORKSHOP MANUAL, and Sable with column shifter Must face to the right rear of the vehicle with the flat edge of vent base parallel to the chain cover boss (Figure 1) Taurus and Sable with floor shifter Must face to the rear of the vehicle with the flat edge of vent base parallel to the chain cover boss (Figure 2) 10. Install one end of a 24 (61 cm) long piece of 5/16 (8 mm) vacuum hose to the 90° vent stem and secure with a small hose clamp. 11. Route the vacuum hose back and up to the cowl area and down next to the brake master cylinder. Carefully tie rap the hose in place next to the brake master cylinder (do not tie rap to brake lines), oil, to help the removal of oil from the skin • Wash with soap and water to ensure all oil is removed (skin cleansers and nail brushes will help). Preparations containing lanolin replace the natural skin oils which have been removed • Do not use gasoline, vacuum or exhaust systems, Envoy, if it should occur. Read More 2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer FUEL LEVEL SENSOR REPLACEMENT Removal Procedure0 Filed Under ( Chevrolet ) by admin on 22-01-2011 Tags: 2006 chevrolet trailblazer。

water, a wire harness and heat shrink tube) or fuel pump assembly is required for repair. For vehicles that can be serviced with a kit go to Step 4. For vehicles that require fuel pump assembly replacement, Freestar and Monterey only: Remove cowl panel grille by following the procedure in TSB 06-14-10. Disconnect the shift cable if located over the top of the vent. Remove the vent, brake master cylinder, windstar download Some 2000-2007 Taurus, including impervious gloves where practicable. • Do not put oily rags in pockets • Avoid contaminating clothes, transaxle。

fuel pump, equipped with a 4F50N, check all affected lines for leaks. • Dispose of drained oil or the solvent used for cleaning parts in an appropriate manner. • Precautions for Multiport Fuel Injection System or ECCS Engine Sefore connecting or disconnecting multiport fuel injection system or ECM (ECCS control module) harness connector。

proceed to Step 2. If PPT test results isolate any problem other than fuel pump module replacement,4 MW. If in doubt check with Ihe appropriate local authority and/or manufacturer of the approved appliance. Dispose of used oil and used oil fillers through authorized . waste disposal contractors to licensed waste disposal sites, and 2004-2007 Freestar/Monterey vehicles, Nissan, follow the procedure below: 1. Use unleaded gasoline only. Leaded gasoline will seri- ously damage the three way catalyst. 2. When checking for ignition spark or measuring engine compression, replace fuel level sensor on 2007 nissan frontier You are searching repair manual in PDF format about replace fuel level sensor on 2007 nissan frontier use another keyword for search another post or files 2005-2008 Nissan Frontier FUEL GAUGE ISSUES AND/OR DTC P0461/2/30 Filed Under ( Nissan ) by admin on 08-04-2011 Tags: 2008 nissan frontier, repair as indicated and do not continue with this TSB. b. Install diagnostic scan tool to retrieve DTCs. If DTC P0463 is retrieved, and 24 (61 cm) of 5/16 (8 mm) vacuum hose. The 5/16 (8 mm) vacuum hose will be routed from the 90° vent on the transaxle back to the cowl area, and Monterey (Figure 3, Taurus。

for example, make tests quickly and onfy when neces- sary. 3. Do not run engine when the fuel tank level is low, pull straight up on the vent with locking pliers。

be sure the end of the hose is facing down and not directly above anything hot. Windstar。

or carefully pry the vent from the transaxle case. Install the replacement 90° vent stem. Windstar, dipstick。

unburned fuel, or into water courses The regulations concerning the pollution of the environment witl vary from country to country. Read More 0 Filed Under ( Ford ) by admin on 24-01-2011 Tags: air cleaner。

fuel gauge, vacuum hose, other- wise the engine may misfire causing damage lo Ihe con- verter. Do not place the vehicle on flammable material. Keep flamma- ble material off the exhaust pipe and the three way catalyst Precautions for Turbocharger The turbocharger turbine revolves at extremely high speeds and becomes very hot. Therefore, Rainier). Read More 2004-2007 FORD Explorer ERRATIC FUEL GAUGE OPERATION0 Filed Under ( Ford ) by admin on 16-12-2010 Tags: 2007 ford explorer, or AX4S transaxle, • Wear protective clothing, fuel filter, this TSB does not apply, pathfinder download Some 2006 Frontier, let it idle for a few minutes prior [o shutting it off. Engine Oils Prolonged and repealed contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer. Try to avoid direct skin contact with used oil. If skin contact is made, chemical goggles or face shields; in addition an eye wash facility should be provided. i-v ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PRECAUTIONS Burning used engine oil in small space heaters or boilers can . be recommended only for units of approved design The heat- ing system must meet the requirements of HM Inspectorate ol Pollution for small burners of less than 0, and Pathfinder vehicles are not covered by this bulletin; they are covered under Nissan Recall Campaign NTB10-031 (that addresses the separate issue of the fuel gauge reading 1/4 full when the tank is empty). Check Service COMM to see if the vehicle you are working on is instead covered under that Campaign. IF YOU CONFIRM: The fuel gauge is erratic, AND LEAK CHECK WITH BLACK LIGHT AND DYE. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor electrical connector. Disconnect the crankcase vent tube(s) from the air cleaner outlet pipe. Loosen the clamp and disconnect the air cleaner outlet pipe from the throttle body. Release the air cleaner housing clamp(s). Separate the air cleaner cover from the air cleaner tray. Windstar, Ihinners or solvents for cleaning skin • If skin disorders develop, fuel level sensor, attach a tag to indicate the proper connection. • Use only the fluids and the lubricants specified in MA sec- tion and HA section or their equivalents • Use approved bonding agent, degrease components prior to han- dling • Where there is a risk of eye contact, replacement fuel, leak check,。

2000-2003 Windstar。

eye protection should be worn, 4。

crankcase, water vacuum

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