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Difference Between Turbo Supercharger Efficiency

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Difference Turbochargers/201211/13/7163.html">Between Turbo & Supercharger Efficiency

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Superchargers make a lot of torque, but are less efficient than turbos.

Car enthusiasts generally believe that forced induction (turbo- and super-charging) is better than natural aspiration. Opinions differ as to which one gives you the biggest bang for the buck on efficiency.

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  • Superchargers are driven off of the engine's crankshaft, and always cause a certain amount of parasitic horsepower loss. Horsepower losses increase linearly with RPM, making superchargers far less efficient at high RPM than turbos.

  • Turbocharger Cost
  • Turbochargers run off of wasted heat and exhaust gases, so there are no costs to horsepower.

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • The power used to drive the supercharger takes fuel to produce. All else being equal, turbochargers produce better fuel economy than superchargers.

  • Adiabetic Efficiency
  • Adiabetic efficiency (how much heat the turbo/supercharger produces per pound of boost) has more to do with compressor type than drive type.

  • Adiabetic Comparison
  • A centrifugal (turbo-based) supercharger is adiabetically efficient as a turbo, but traditional roots-type superchargers are less efficient than centrifugal types.

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