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Turbo Cartridge replacement

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s Turbo Cartridge replacement

Man, these shops are killing me. I wish my car was out of warranty.. Then at least I could justify buying the parts and fixing myself.

Well, while I wait for my warranty company to come back with their response on whether or not they'll go deeper into the hole on me (they should've let me get my money back on the warranty when I asked, before they paid out any claims.. I just wanted the prorated value of the warranty,they would've made a profit.. ) I'd like to investigate other options..

Third question (slightly different vain): I'm fairly certain that my car sat for a month with no oil in it, assuming that the first thing a saab shop will do is drain the oil when the head comes off. This would mean that the oil would have drained out of the turbo too, right? Meaning that when they started up the car the first time after head repair, it was just like installing a new turbo without filling it with oil? Could this be the reason that my turbo failed immediately after my head job? my problem is definately a bad bearing in the turbo, not a vaccuum line or ecu problem. Turbine doesnt spin well.

I'm confident I can pull out and replace my turbo. Just need the gaskets and a turbo to put in its place AFAIK. All the turbine bolts have recently come off, so I doubt that getting these off will even be a problem. But what does it take to put this cartridge in? Looks like it just bolts to the housing and I'm done? Are there gaskets involved in this too?
Another potentially silly question: Do I loctite things in the exhaust housing? I like to have things stay in place, and use this stuff whereever I can.

The best other option for me may be a replacement cartridge that fits in to the housings and includes the compressor/turbine wheels. I've heard that SAAB makes such a thing for the TD04, and I've even seen one.

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