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Diesel Diagnostic information for Powerstroke 6.0, 7.3, IDI 7.3 and 6.9 L, by Oregon Fuel Injection

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ford diesel powerstroke diese

most likely caused by a stock water separator. Check for air at the schrader valve on the side of the filter housing. If the air is coming from the separator, disconnect the ICP sensor, it usually means some sort of high pressure oil leak. WOT in neutral pressure reading is taken after 3 minutes of running at WOT no load (neutral) 1994-1997IDLEWOT in neutralHARD ACCELLERATION ICP575-6001300-14002450-2700 psi IPR11-14%18-21%35-40% 1996-1997 California emissions is like the 1999-2003 specification 1999-2003IDLEWOT in neutralHARD ACCELERATION ICP475-4901100-1200**2450-2750 psi IPR 9-11%18-21%35-40% ** After engine s/n 896812 maximum no load after 3 minutes would be 1800 psi The ICP will default to 725 psi at idle if the PCM isn't getting the signal ICP LOW; if the IPR duty cycle % is high, they are slow learners. Engine serial number There have been many changes to the 6.0 L and getting the correct parts for it depends on the engine serial number range. The engine s/n is located on the FICM which is on the top of the left valve cover. If the FICM has been replaced you may need to get the s/n off of the block. The s/n is stamped into the block at the left rear of the engine just under the head. Basic Information Diagnosing starting problems and drivability problems requires that you start at the basics. The HEUI system uses engine oil to actuate the injectors; if you are low on oil you will have problems. -Check the oil and change the oil if it is due. If the oil is worn out from excessive change interval。

if not repair or replace the bad sensor before continuing. BARO won't change with the engine running 1994-1997KOEOIDLEWOT, if the surge goes away then you possibly have a bad ICP sensor. 2. AA code injectors installed into a engine that require AB code injectors will cause a surge (California emissions engines in 96 and 97 require AB injectors) DTC CODES DTC P0340; 1. Usually a bad CMP (cam position sensor) DTC P0344; 1. Usually a bad CMP 2. Can be caused by excessive cranking DTC P0476; 1. Can set if the vehicle is equipped with an exhaust brake. DTC P0603; KAM (keep alive memory) 1. If the batteries were previously disconnected。

run a compression test before replacing any injectors. Low compression will cause a rough run. STALLING INTERMITTENT 1. DTC P0344 CMP sensor erratic 2. Loose IPR Solenoid or chaffed wires at solenoid 3. Low engine oil KNOCK OR CACKLE 1. Low fuel supply pressure。

will cause low ICP 3. IPR o-rings bad。

which varies by vehicle year. The engine should start without the glow plugs energized down to about 40 degrees. Look at the volt gauge in the dash, engine off) MAP readings from WOT (Wide open throttle) readings to get gauge pressure. The following readings are for about 500-1000 foot elevation。

glow plug relay brace, IPR, bent pins)

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