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Speedaire Air Compressors

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Speedaire Air Compressors
Speedaire is a house brand for Grainger, and they offer a variety of products under that brand, including Speedaire Air Compressors.

Grainger have several manufacturers making Speedaire compressors for them. Some lower end and lower priced units are likely made offshore yet other models are reputedly North American made. That would be good if that was the case.

Speedaire Help Somewhere on your Speedaire air compressor there will be a nameplate, and on that nameplate will be a Grainger stock number, a five digit sequence, similar to this: 8X123.

Speedaire Air Compressor

According to Grainger technical support your stock number will always have a number, a letter, and then three more numbers.

With that compressor Grainger stock number for your air compressor, you can then contact your local Grainger outlet for assistance.

U.S.A. Speedaire Clients If you are in the U.S., this is the URL for the the Grainger locations page:

Canadian Speedaire Clients In Canada, you will need to contact your local Acklands/Grainger outlet:

Speedaire Clients Outside N.A. For Grainger outlets outside of North America:


What now? When you reach your local Grainger branch, advise them that you are calling about parts for Speedaire compressors, and they will either help you themselves, if the local branch has the skills, or they will often patch you through to the same technical service people I talked to.

If you are seeking help as to how to change a part or fix your Speedaire compressor yourself, they will not help. They can, and will, help you find parts for Speedaire compressors, even some that are decades old, as long as you have the stock number.

If you still need help, please have a look at the postings below which cover, and this is just a few, Speedaire compressor issues such as...

Still cannot find an answer? This page is a forum about Speedaire air compressors. After you have reviewed the existing submissions and the troubleshooting pages, if you still have a question, post it using the form below.

If you see a post question you can help with, please click the comment button and leave your information about that post.

As the numbers of comments added to this page grows, it gets harder to find the specific answer you are seeking so I've added a search box here for your use to help you find the information you need.



Got a comment: good / bad about Speedaire Compressors?

What experiences have you had with your Speedaire Compressors? Why not let us all know? See what others have said at the bottom of this page.

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