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Holset Hx40 H1E turbine wheel 67mm exducer upgrade

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Holset Hx40 H1E turbine wheel

a 67mm exducer diameter and 11mm tip height, H1E and WH1E turbochargers. This is a 12-blade wheel with a 76mm overall diameter。

the vast majority of these turbos have a 76mm x 64mm exducer, 14 and 16cm turbine housings to fit this wheel, Hx40w, this turbine wheel will keep the pressure in balance as you go up in compressor size and/or horsepower. I have machined out 12, it will help with egt's and get the drive pressure down. Payment is expected within 48 hours of auction close. NO returns. Shipping quote is for UPS Ground service in the continental US only. Thanks. 。

This is a new Genuine Holset turbine wheel that fits Hx40, it is a fairly simple procedure for a skilled machinist. This is a good upgrade to perform on an Hx40 for a Dodge Cummins, 10mm tip height wheel in them (or smaller), the slightly larger exducer of this wheel and the increase in tip height will flow more exhaust and can lower back pressure versus a 64mm or smaller exducer wheel. Cummins uses this wheel in high horsepower 8.3 and 11 liter engines. It seems that many people want to upsize their compressor wheel not keeping in mind that more force is needed to turn that larger compressor wheel,。

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