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Yamaha R1 Turbo Kit for Sale

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yamaha r1 turbo kit for sale

Yamaha R1 Turbo Kit for Sale by Con Elvis (Dallas/Texas/USA) Yamaha R1 Turbo Kit The Yamaha R1 Turbo Kit for sale has a performance ball bearing air to air intercooled R1 TURBO system for the 2004-2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 Street bike. These bolt on Yamaha R1 Turbo kits make 200 HORSEPOWER on pump gas and with no engine modifications! These R1 turbo kits have "STEALTH" style and mount inside the stock bodywork with no cutting necessary! GO HERE TO SEE MORE! Here are the desirable Yamaha R1 Turbo FEATURES: * Yamaha R1 Turbo Has ultra fast spooling ball bearing turbo with internal waste gate for instant boost and clean/tight fit * Yamaha R1 Turbo has Twin intercooler technology. Front air to air finned plenum * Yamaha R1 Turbo is Pump gas safe * Yamaha R1 Turbo is Awesome street able power * Yamaha R1 Turbo has Easy installation (instructions included with purchase) * Yamaha R1 Turbo is CNC generated components * Yamaha R1 Turbo Exits through stock mufflers * Yamaha R1 Turbo No holes in fairings * R1 Turbo has No engine modifications necessary * R1 Turbo has Stainless steel tubular header (wrapped with insulation to keep under cowl temps down) * R1 Turbo Kit has Nascar style oil sump pump * R1 Turbo Kits is 2nd to NONE fit and finish! * R1 Turbo kit is CNC Blow OFF Valve * R1 Turbo Kit has a Precisely tuned engine management system (NO TUNING NEEDED) The R1 Turbo kit comes with 2 years intrernational warranty and a 90 days return policy. If you interested in turning your Yamaha YZF R1 into a high performance motorcycle with very little trouble contact me using the comments form found directly below this ad and (and don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Strike Lightning's Used Motorcycle Parts for Sale gogocycles.com) (and PLEASE include your contact information!) and I will respond with answers to your questions or after consideration of your best offer as quickly as possible. Strike Lightning would also encourage bikers to submit a review of the Yamaha R1 Turbo Kit for Sale for sale to make the biker community aware of any problems that are common to this turbo kit or to highlight its positive features and help potential buyers make informed decisions. ,。

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