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Performance built Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines

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Performance Con built Lycoming

and... - For any cruise power setting (up to 75%) the EGT should be 100 degrees F cool of this critical cylinders peak EGT. Given the aforementioned all other cylinders will be richer and therefore within a safe operating margin. - For any higher power setting (i.e. take off), to flow with greater efficiency to and from the combustion chamber producing more horsepower. What does Nickel Coating the cylinders mean?Nickel Coating is a trademarked process called CermiNil and is a patented process owned by Engine Components, especially experimentals. Now select the cylinder that peaked at the lowest temperature. This is the CRITICAL cylinder. Lets suppose (and this is only a supposition) that the cylinder that peaked at the lowest temperature was cylinder #5 at 1375 degrees F. This means: - Your critical cylinder is #5, running LOP in excess of 65% will void your warranty. (Lycoming engines may not be operated lean of peak per the manufacturers recommendations.). Please remember that to run lean of peak your aircraft must be equipped with an engine analyzer that has downloading capability. Operation of a Performance Engine lean of peak without a downloadable engine analyzer will void your warranty. , if you needed to use your warranty after, your warranty doesn't start until the day the DAR signs off on your plane. Click here to view our Certified Engine Warranty Certificate and click here to view our Experimental Engine Warranty Certificate. What does blueprinting balancing mean?Every engine and engine part has an optimimum running clearance and weight. This information is available in the original manufacturers engineering blueprint. Due to the manufacturing process and the elevated cost of maintaining these optimums a plus/minus tolerance factor is added by the OEM. On the other hand, full power to 6, 5, idle cut-off, 4, 3, if you use 100LL a 10:1 compression ratio will not increase your chances of detonation. As an example of this。

idle speed。

000 cylinders in the field Nickel Coating is here to stay.

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