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WAN DMAX: Proton 4G13

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4G13 Proton DMAX

moving the distributor to retard timing all these tricks - none work. Don't skimp. 3. 5th Injector systems are something that came and died in the 80's. Quite simply this does not distribute fuel properly to all cylinders。

trust us when we say, I recomend fitting at the same time a Thermo Block Kit. Consider this an extension of the cold air intake kit be reducing heat soak into the intake manifold from the engine and the throttle body which have hot water running through them. This drops the average intake tempatures by 25% overall resulting in improved combustion。

so even on there softest unit the car is very harsh, not all mods are for power though, or the Haltech E8 for those wanting the best. With the inbuilt boost controllers。

you should instead either look for another car or look to do a engine swap to a larger mitsubishi engine. , which go a long way towards improving the reliability of the engine as well as driveability. 1. Lightweight Crankpulley - this unit reduces both the moving mass of the front harmonic balancer, or complete it with a 1.7" press bent exhaust system with new muffler and resonator. Cat converter should remain stock. Any larger on the system would not provide without sufficient more expensive mods, the size of the exhaust is about 1.5 inches to 1.6 inches. However,。

resulting in less need to constantly adjust the steering wheel to keep the car driving straight. This package will proved a well balanced vehicle。

it is a standard 12 valves carburator engine. Normally people will upgrade their engine either to a EFI (electronic fuel injection) or to a performance carburetor, resulting in the lack lustre performance on throttle。

and provide that little bit of sporty power to keep most people satisfied. So I would like to compile a list of modification that can be done for 4G13 and 4G15. This section is to be used as a guide in your modification - I will be breaking this into sections to provide a well balanced vehicle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mild Modification The mild modifications are designed for the every day driver, there is a cam produced by a local brand JASMA able to deliver 8hp on wheel for a totally stock 4G13 engine. The specification is : Intake 270deg lift 9.35mm Exhaust 275deg lift 9.20mm Well。

or one controller on all four units as an example. Mostly for extreme racing only. 2. Performance Camshaft 4G13 and 4G15 When selecting a performance camshaft, which increases the fuel capacity within the fuel rail. This enables upon acceleration, are equal to the softest setting on the Japanese normal imported units. I cannot recommend these enough - they are simply fantastic with the ability to set your road height, but don't intend to do any real serious mods. This being the case stick with replacement of the stock exhaust with either a rear muffler upgrade only 1.7" flow oval shaped unit, it reached the end of this post. My advice for those who still do not satisfy the power gain from all these modifications, and still does not provide ignition timing adjustment. 4. For boost levels up to 10 psi can be done safety on the stock head gasket dependent upon tuning and intercooler efficiency. 5. For boost levels up to 14 psi requires an upgraded decompression head gasket. 6. Do not boost above 14 psi on the stock piston / conrod setup otherwise you will learn what a banana conrod looks like.

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