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Hydrodynamic mechanical coupling / for ships / shaft / anti

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The Voith fluid coupling types T, TM1 and TL are constant-fill fluid couplings for ship propulsion systems. The coupling damps torsional vibrations, impacts and shocks that originate from the engine and propeller. The hydrodynamic principle permits a relieved startup of the engine. This increases the service life of all drive components.

The different types are suitable for the different requirements when integrating into the drive line, such as e.g., installed directly on the engine.

These fluid couplings are also available with two coaxially-arranged working circuits (Typ DT, DTM1 and DTL). The circuits acting in parallel increase the power transmission.

Benefits and uses

Reduced load motor/engine run-up
Smooth start-up of driven machine
Protects the drive chain in case of an overload
Dampens torsional vibration in the drive chain
Protects system components - the service life of your system increases
Robust and unsusceptible to environmental influences
Wear-free power transmission - reduced effort in maintenance and repairs
Automatic load sharing in multi-motor drives protects your motor against overload

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